So without further ado, go grab those googly eyes and glue dots, because we've rounded up fifteen of the most festive snacks, just in time for Turkey Day!

1. Raisin Box Turkeys 

via Digi Crumbs    

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2. Mayflower Pudding Cups 

via Room Parent 

3. Breadsticks 'n Cheese Handi-Snack Turkeys 

via Frugal Coupon Living

4. Pilgrim and Native American Cheese Sticks 


via Pinterest user Mary Rosen

5. Turkey and Pilgrim Juice Boxes 

via Damn You, Little Rock

6. Turkey Tootsie Pops

via Tippy Toes and Tantrums 

7. Turkey Pudding Cups  

via The Keeper of the Cheerios 

8. Pilgrim Hats (just fill with prepackaged snack of choice) 

via Origami Owls

9. Turkey Cheese Sticks 

via Wondermom Wannabe

10. Turkey Fruit Cups 

via The Coweta Fayette Families 

11. Pilgrim Cereal Bar Wrapper

via Laurie Furnell

12. Turkey Clementines

via Room Parent 

13. Crackers 'n Cheese Handi-SnackTurkeys 

via Crafty Goat's Notes

14. Veggie Straw Turkey Cups   

via A Thrifty Mom

15. Pilgrim Bananas

via Room Parent