3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in the Classroom

Room parent roles vary from school to school, but some class moms are responsible for coordinating classroom birthdays. We have three fun ways for you to help the kids celebrate! 


Birthday Bananas

These birthday bananas fit the class party treat bill: prepackaged (naturally!), healthy, and kid-friendly. Grab some colorful paper (we got ours from the scrap booking aisle at the craft store), and trim strips that are approximately 6"-7" wide by 3" tall. Twist around the top of the banana and affix with tape. You can top the hats with a pom pom (use glue dots) or a pipe cleaner (just thread through the middle opening of the hat and ball up at the top). Tack on your googly eyes and draw a birthday grin using a permanent marker.

Minion Popcorn Cups 

Ah, minions. Everyone's favorite character! These super simple minion cups are a breeze to make. Just grab some yellow cups, black and silver permanent markers, glue dots, and large googly eyes (we used 1" eyes for ours). Place the googly eyes on the cup where you want them (and remember, some Minions to have only one eye!), then lightly trace around the eyes with a pencil -- a good idea is to place the eye opposite of the seam in the cup if it has one. Then, set the eyes aside. To make their silver goggles, take a silver Sharpie and trace over your pencil line to widen the line (you may also want to add a bit of silver marker inside the circle so none of the yellow cup shows after the eyes are affixed). Using the black sharpie, draw the straps to the goggles, simple mouths (we even have a "Minion mouth" template you can print!), eyebrows, and lines for hair. Affix the googly eyes with glue dots in the center of the silver goggle circles. Then, fill with popcorn (or another classroom safe snack). 

Birthday Thoughts in a Bag (Gift)

Sometime the best gift of all is a kind word -- especially when it comes from a peer (in this case, all 26 of 'em!). Download this fun "birthday in a bag" Hefty Slider Bag topper template and printable note cards over on our sister site, TeacherLists. Ask each child to write a special note for the birthday girl or boy. Then, put all the notes in the "birthday bag" and give it as a class gift!