1. If you are looking for something easy and quick, try growing grass seeds in cups.

via Pre-K Pages

2. This all-in-one self-watering seed starter pot is perfect for weekends by the window in the class.

via Seattle Sundries 

3. The kids will love watching the "hair" grow on this cute guy.

via The Owner Builder Network 

4. Start collecting empty juice boxes to use for seed starters.

via Modern Parents Messy Kids

5. Teach the kids about germination with this super cute sprout house.        

via The Stem Laboratory 

6. This is such a neat way to upcycle all those old CD cases you have lying around.

via Two Busy Brunettes 

7. The class can take notes as the observe how these bulbs grow over time. 

via Buggy and Buddy

8. This Sprout House is a snazzier way to watch simple beans grow in a baggie.

via Playdough to Plato

9. While you are learning about plants you can take it to another level and test what types of liquid help seeds grow.

via Gift of Curiosity 

10. Fairy gardens are all the rage these days and this version is super simple and creative.

via Living Well Mom

11. This is a bit of a fancier take on fairy gardens to try with the class.

via Party at the Beech

12. Or if you have a black thumb or are allergic to grass and dirt, why not make a stone cactus plants. 

via Salt and Pepper Moms