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Our school enjoying greatly participating in the cool program. This was the first time our school participated in such a program. Parents loved a the amazing information provided and all the useful tool found in "Jump In" magazine. Not to mention all the neat coupons and free samples too. That was a huge success too.

Our team of volunteers enjoyed handing them out. We have now signed up to participate as a school in the "Tyson" labels program for which we had never heard of before. We are very excited about this simple way of helping our school raise funds.

The Ziploc was a big success too. Our school is currently a BOX TOP participate and the Free Ziploc product (bag) made it more appealing and fun to continue to support that program too.

Let me not forget to mention how awesome and yummy the Del Monte berry fruit slushes tasted too! The little ones enjoy that treat a lot!

Thank you PTO Today and all the participating products for the very useful, beneficial magazine tips and articles. The entire program helped enhanced our OPEN House event and the parents appreciated the new program very much.
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