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Helpful ideas and tips to get your PTO or PTA in gear for the new school year. See the Back to School resources page for even more tools and programs.

  • PTO Today...Again

    This time on Fox & Friends - a national morning news show. The back-to-school segment will air tomorrow morning at approximately 8:40am EST. Hope you can tune in!
  • Fox Video

    So I had this sit-down yesterday with the Fox & Friends crew on TV yesterday. We have the video embedded on the Back2School Blog over on SchoolFamily.com. Was a cool experience, but -- man-oh-man -- did they have to put me after both George Lopez and Ben Stein?
  • Principal arrested to get parents involved

    There's a neat story on page 17 of the October issue of PTO Today magazine. Mary Phelan-Jackson, a principal in Hayneville, Alabama, had herself arrested to get parents involved at her school. The only way to secure her release was for at least 200 parents to attend the school open house that week!
  • Chairing a Committee: The Basics

    Get organized, get the information you need, find volunteers, and start your committee on a path to success.
  • Open Doors, Lots of Them

    It's important to make it as easy as possible for parents to get involved. Are you doing all you can?
  • Empowering Committee Chairs

    A formal orientation for committee leaders puts veterans and newcomers alike on equal footing, and gets everyone on the same page.
  • Sign Fairy Eases First-Day Jitters

    The message is clear: She makes new students feel welcome.
  • New Involvement Tool

    Check out Jump In!
  • Involvement Feature

    American Profile magazine tackles our issue.
  • Get the Principal on Your Side

    The right—and wrong—ways to build communication with school administrators.
  • Energize Your Parent Group

    Tips to build interest and enthusiasm, then keep the momentum going all year long.
  • Energize Your School

    A strong parent group can instill pride, promote a positive attitude, and get parents involved in the school all year long. Follow these tips to help your PTO build—and maintain—school spirit.
  • Build Support for New Ideas

    When members resist change, reduce the chance of conflict with patience and understanding.
  • 26 Ways To Build Parent Involvement

    Getting more parents to participate is as easy as A, B, C when you follow this list of best practices.
  • 38 Ideas To Start the Year Right

    From getting organized to getting to know the school's families, a great year for the parent group starts with some advance planning.
  • Get Teachers on Your Side

    Capture your teachers' hearts—and their help—with a focus on curriculum, classroom tools, communication, and appreciation.
  • Pool Party's a Splash

    A back-to-school pool party sets the tone by emphasizing involvement and providing a relaxed setting for parents to interact.
  • Reaching Out to New Parents

    It takes a special effort to attract parents new to the school; a good first impression will make them more likely to become active members of your PTO.
  • Orienting New Members

    Help newbies hit the ground running by creating a welcoming atmosphere and giving them the opportunity and information they need to be able to contribute right away.
  • 9 Stress-Busting Organization Tips

    A little planning and organization now will help you breathe easy the whole year through.