Events & Programs Archive

We know planning great family events is a big part of what your group does. There are tons of ideas in the articles below for new and better ways to connect with parents, even planning events around holidays. Find more helpful tools and info on the Events & Programs resources page.

  • Make Your Events Memorable

    Simple touches can transform a good event into a four-star success.
  • Contractor's Day Puts Parents to Work

    School beautification becomes a prime involvement event.
  • Do More With Fewer Resources

    Parent group leaders share tips for making do when money is tight and volunteers are scarce.
  • Holiday Shops: Make Yours Shine

    Parent groups share creative ideas that have made their seasonal stores a hit year after year.
  • Parent Group Caters to Families

    Five moms keep involvement high year-round with a series of meal-centered activities for the school community.
  • Family Event: Low Cost, High Profile

    PTO Today's 2007 Parent Group of the Year for Outstanding Family Event brings parents and students together with a camping night that's inexpensive, easy to plan, and one of the most popular events of the year.
  • National Runner-up: Eagle Project Really Soared

    A combined literacy and community service project to save the bald eagle really took off for PTO Today's 2007 Parent Group of the Year national runner-up.
  • Family Events Better With Bunco

    Faced with parents’ lack of interest, one PTO risked it all on a throw of the dice—with positive results.
  • Fundraiser Goes Into the Woods

    An annual trail race through the town forest uses local resources to raise money while abiding by a policy that prohibits sales by students.
  • 36 Ideas for Arts and Science Enrichment

    School performers, assemblies, and cultural events can excite students and bring new perspectives. Get started with our list of memorable activities.
  • A Play's the Thing

    One parent group has turned its annual musical performance into a major fundraiser—and a major way to build community involvement.
  • School Snacks Under Attack

    Federal law has some districts limiting the kinds of foods available to students. We talk about what it means and how it might affect your group.
  • 70s Fever

    Big funds goals in CA
  • Latino Involvement

    Good work in FL
  • Fun Fair

    Ton of activities for all...
  • Muffins for Moms

    On Mother's Day...
  • Great Finish

    Great party.
  • Now *that's* a PTA concert!

    Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.  No, that's not an indictment of the Jonas Brothers musical ability; it's envy about the Florida PTA that's hosting the popular boy-band for a school fundraiser tonight.  Not bad, eh?
  • QSP, Casino Night, Connecticut

    Hmmmmm.... hate to see this one. The Connecticut Attorney General's office has opened up an investigation of a local Catholic High School and QSP/Reader's Digest (the fundraising guys) over a Casino Night fundraiser.  Looks like group was using real casino-like equipment that may have been provided by QSP.  I'm betting that there's more to this story and that perhaps the casino wheel was part of the reward at the end of a successful magazine drive, but we'll see.
  • Golden Compass and PTO

    In our opinion, this is just a step too far for this Missouri PTO. What'd they do? Sent a note home to parents advising parents not to let their kids see the Golden Compass movie.