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We know planning great family events is a big part of what your group does. There are tons of ideas in the articles below for new and better ways to connect with parents, even planning events around holidays. Find more helpful tools and info on the Events & Programs resources page.

  • Great Finish

    Great party.
  • Now *that's* a PTA concert!

    Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.  No, that's not an indictment of the Jonas Brothers musical ability; it's envy about the Florida PTA that's hosting the popular boy-band for a school fundraiser tonight.  Not bad, eh?
  • QSP, Casino Night, Connecticut

    Hmmmmm.... hate to see this one. The Connecticut Attorney General's office has opened up an investigation of a local Catholic High School and QSP/Reader's Digest (the fundraising guys) over a Casino Night fundraiser.  Looks like group was using real casino-like equipment that may have been provided by QSP.  I'm betting that there's more to this story and that perhaps the casino wheel was part of the reward at the end of a successful magazine drive, but we'll see.
  • Golden Compass and PTO

    In our opinion, this is just a step too far for this Missouri PTO. What'd they do? Sent a note home to parents advising parents not to let their kids see the Golden Compass movie.
  • Parent Involvement, NCLB and Consequences

    I found this column from Education Week fascinating. Admittedly, I'm a bit odd. :-)
  • Family reading nights

    Thinking about having a family reading night at your school? You'll want to read all about this New Jersey elementary's monthly reading club, which awards students prizes based upon their parents' participation. If you've got older kids, you'll be interested in this Illinois middle school's family reading night, which offered parent workshops on language development and interactive storytelling.
  • Family Event: Details Make a Winning Night

    A nice family night became a terrific school event thanks to a focus on making sure everyone could participate. That focus made this night PTO Today's 2005 Parent Group of the Year winner for Outstanding Family Event.
  • Field Trips: Getting Organized

    School-led educational outings are primarily the domain of teachers, but parent groups can still play a role in making them fun and successful.
  • The Power of the "Big Idea"

    A high-profile goal or signature event will rally your school community and build excitement.
  • Giant Games, Huge Involvement

    Oversize Twister, Yahtzee, Scrabble, and others put a popular twist on a PTO’s family board game night.
  • Carnival Success Story

    One school's longtime carnival tradition brings the right blend of fundraising and family fun to the entire community.
  • House Tour Raises Big Cash

    How a Capitol Hill school raised $40,000 with a "nosy neighbor" tour of recently renovated homes.
  • Book Fair Success Story

    Communitywide literacy programming is the underpinning for a PTO book fair that's grown every year.
  • Involved Grandparents

    Great idea.
  • Love it -- Dads

    Excellent program featured.
  • Movie Night

    Packs 'em in.
  • Donuts with Dad

    Nice involvement success.
  • Camp Read-A-Lot

    Great program from Iowa PTO.
  • Whiffle Away

    Tournament yields fun and funds.
  • Million Reading Minutes

    Great program in NJ.