Fitness & Health at School Archive

Keeping schools germ free, getting kids in shape, encouraging healthier choices for the whole family—the Healthy School Kids article archive has inspiration, ideas, and tips to make your PTO and school community the healthiest it can be! Find more tools and info on the Fitness & Health at School resources page.

  • Fundraiser Goes Into the Woods

    An annual trail race through the town forest uses local resources to raise money while abiding by a policy that prohibits sales by students.
  • A Balanced View of Food Sales

    Federal legislation required school districts to establish “wellness policies” by 2006 that would provide minimum nutritional guidelines for foods available to students. Because each school district could determine what restrictions to impose, however, those standards have varied widely.
  • TV Turned Off, Fun Tuned In

    A week of activities scheduled for TV Turnoff Week generated lots of excitement for one PTO.