Planning & Organization Archive

Being a PTO leader is fulfilling, but it can leave you drained, too. You'll find tons of ways to keep your energy level high and avoid burnout in the articles below. Find more helpful tools and info on the Planning & Organization resources page.

  • How To Retire Gracefully

    The way in which officers move on from their leadership roles can affect the group even after they're gone. Make your transition a positive one.
  • Officer Transition: Planning Ahead

    Prepare new officers for success by making sure they have the information and training they need.
  • Annual Audit: How and Why

    A yearly audit is a key safeguard for your money and a planning tool for the year ahead. Think of it as a "year in review" for your finances.
  • When Schools Merge

    Consolidation can be a stressful time for students and parents alike. Here are some ways parent groups ease the transition.
  • Create a Mission Statement

    Talking clearly and intentionally about group goals can inspire your PTO and help make decisions to achieve them.
  • 9 Stress-Busting Organization Tips

    A little planning and organization now will help you breathe easy the whole year through.