To Do Lists Archive

  • PTO Treasurer's Planning Checklist

    A to do list of PTO and PTA treasurer duties and tasks for the whole year.
  • December PTO To Do List

    Wrap up the year on a good note with these suggestions for activities and events.
  • November PTO To Do List

    The school year is in full swing and the holidays are coming, so it's a busy time for parent groups!
  • October PTO To Do List

    Bring on the fall with these suggestions for October parent group events and activities.
  • September PTO To Do List

    Get into the swing of things with these suggestions for September parent group activities.
  • August PTO To Do List

    Start the new school year right with these suggestions for August parent group activities. And if your school year resumes in August, use this same list for July planning.
  • The 3 R’s of Summer PTO Work

    Well, really there are four. Because I’d say your most important task of summer is to relax so you can arrive back to school refreshed. But a little basic PTO homework during the summer can really help you keep on top of things. 1. Reflect. Try this one at the beach or by the pool. Take time to think about what kind of leader you want to be and set personal goals. Not sure? Think about leaders you admire, from past PTO leaders to national figures. Consider how to adopt the leadership styles or tactics you’ve observed. {blurb} 2. Review. Think closely about your events and fundraisers. Did you meet your goals, or not as much as you’d hoped? What would you like to change for next time? Check out 5 Ways To Make Your Event a Success for some quick tips. 3. Retreat. Gathering leaders over the break can help keep your incoming board members interested and informed. A summer retreat is an opportunity for everyone to think about their positions for the next school year. “Hold a PTO Officers Retreat in the Summer” has some good information on that.
  • March PTO To Do List

    Consider some of these suggested tasks when planning your March parent group activities.
  • January PTO To Do List

    Start the new calendar year right with these suggestions for January parent group activities.
  • June PTO To Do List

    Ideas to help plan your June parent group activities and close out a great year.
  • May PTO To Do List

    Start with these ideas to plan your parent group activities for May.
  • April PTO To Do List

    Suggestions to help plan your parent group activities for April and beyond.
  • Your PTO Year-End To Do List

    16 steps to close out the year and get ready for a great start in the fall.
  • February PTO To Do List

    Use this list to help plan your February parent group activities.