Family Tech Talk: A Free Internet Safety Event for Schools

Help parents at your school learn the risks kids face online

Build Digital Citizenship With Family Tech Talk

Being a kid in today’s digital world isn’t easy. As parents and caregivers, the best thing we can do is educate ourselves so that we can help our kids use the Internet safely—and your parent group can help!

Family Tech Talk is a free parent education event for schools, from PTO Today and global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro. Parents will learn what kids are doing online, the risks they face, and how they can help their kids use the Internet safely. Sessions are hosted by an Internet safety expert over Zoom, with in-person events available in select cities. Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is now closed, but you can sign up below to get notified when registration for the 2024-2025 school year opens.

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This free educational event is Title I parent and family engagement approved and available in multiple languages upon request.

What Parents Will Learn:

  • Popular apps, social media, and gaming: What parents need to know
  • How to prevent online risks
  • Best practices to be safe online
  • Managing screentime
  • App settings for age-appropriate content
  • Ways to set devices
  • Parents can ask their own questions during the Q&A

πŸ‘‰ If you’d like to share this program with your principal first, you can download and customize this letter from your group.


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How Family Tech Talk Works

1. Register for an event (it’s free!)
Select the Zoom webinar date and time that works best for your school’s parents. Free in-person events (hosted by an Internet safety expert) are also available in select cities. Note: registration is now closed for the 2023-2024 school year

2. Promote your event
Our free toolkit includes a flyer and social media graphics to help your group promote Family Tech Talk to parents. If you registered for a Zoom webinar event, you’ll receive your event details immediately after registering. You can also invite other schools in your community to join, too!

3. During your event
Parents are encouraged to sign in during Zoom webinars. If you’re a Title I school, you can request a copy of the parent sign-in sheet from your Trend Micro representative after your event to submit as Title I documentation.


Trend Micro

This free educational event is Title I parent and family engagement approved and available in multiple languages upon request.

Why School PTO and PTA Groups Love This Event!

  • Presented by a knowledgeable Internet safety professional from global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families team
  • Accessible to all families over Zoom or in person at schools located in select cities
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Title I parent and family engagement approved
  • Free for all schools
  • Appropriate for parents of kids of all ages
  • Parents have the opportunity to chat (in real time) with other parents attending from across the country (Zoom events only) and feel supported during this shared experience
  • A great way to supplement other Internet safety initiatives at your school

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Family Tech Talk Is Hosted by Professional Internet Safety Experts

Lynette Owens, Founder and Global Director of Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families program, has worked with PTO Today for more than 12 years to offer Family Tech Talk—a free parent education event—to families via PTO and PTA groups. Lynette or another Internet safety expert from her team will deliver an engaging presentation and Q&A over Zoom for parents (you can invite other local schools to attend, too!). With 20-plus years in the tech industry, Lynette speaks and blogs regularly on how to help kids become great digital citizens. She works with communities and school districts across the United States and around the world to support online safety, digital and media literacy, and digital citizenship education. She is a board member of the National Association for Media Literacy Education, is an advisory committee member of the Digital Wellness Lab, and serves on the advisory boards of INHOPE and U.S. Safer Internet Day.

Why Your Group Should Educate Parents About Internet Safety

Our increasingly digital world is changing faster than most parents can keep up, and often, children know more about it than the grown-ups! It’s not just about knowing the newest trends; it’s also about how to make smart, safe choices, how to balance time spent online and off-, and knowing the importance of being considerate and respectful of others (as well as yourself). Family Tech Talk makes it possible for PTO and PTA groups to connect their school’s parents with an Internet safety expert so that families talk openly about digital responsibility, online safety for kids, privacy settings, and why it’s all so important.

What PTO and PTA Leaders Say About Family Tech Talk

“This generated many conversations between parents and kids. I look forward to hosting this event yearly.”

—A. Gonzalez-Torres, Uplift Pinnacle, Dallas, TX

“Many of my parents are really on top of the tech situation at home, yet everybody admitted they learned something new. I did, as well!”

—C. Ogoe, Mahanay Elementary, Houston, TX

What Is Digital Citizenship?

Being a good digital citizen is much the same as being a good citizen offline—it means being mindful, careful, and considerate when using technology and spending time online. Interacting digitally is just part of the everyday norm for kids now—whether consuming online content like games and vlogs, “hanging out” in social communities like Instagram, or exchanging texts and snaps with friends. As these types of digital interactions increase, so too does the importance of good digital citizenship and making smart, safe choices online.

Digital Citizenship Week is celebrated the third week of October each year; plan your Family Tech Talk event (or reserve an event date) in honor of Digital Citizenship Week! 

Digital Citizenship Week Oct. 14-18, 2024

Safer Internet Day February 11, 2025

Trend Micro

This free educational event is Title I parent and family engagement approved and available in multiple languages upon request.


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