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Binghamton, NY

April 2019
Love Save Around Coupon Books!! They are so worth the money and All the savings. Can't wait to start the sales next school year!! So many coupons,kids in sports the dicks coupons are the best. Of course the BOGO coupons when you have a big family ...
April 2018
We love at the Save around books! They are a great fundraiser plus the kids who sold them got money for their trips as well as for different events we had at the school. Our rep was really really good! And the new ones had it where you could get two basically...the electronic version and the paper version.
March 2018
We love Save Around! We have tried other coupon books but these are the BEST value and have the best local offers. We always run our sale at the beginning of the school year and its a great starter fundraiser.
March 2018
I just love the SaveAround coupon books. So many ways to help save money....including groceries, shopping and family fun. Not everyone likes to carry around the coupon books but SaveAround has a great feature that you get the mobile app to download with purchase. That way as long as you have your phone you can enter your current location and see all the available ways to save near you. It is so easy and anywhere I have used it I’ve never had an issue. Just show it to the waitress or cashier....easy. As an organization selling for a fundraiser....the profit it Great too! Win, win situation.
December 2017
This is the second year we’ve used Save Around and it’s been super easy! Anything that doesn’t sell or is damaged can be sent back without charge. You tell them how many you need, sell them and collect money, then send a check for 50% and any unused books back to them.
December 2017
Great company to work with! Love the books! They have many stores that I shop at and they fit perfectly in between the seat and center console of my vehicle!
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