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Peppermint Village Gift Shop

100% consignment, personalized gifts for the entire family, customized holiday shop, free next day reorders, most items $5.00 or less, no hidden charges. We specialize in jewelry and sports items.

Special Offer: Call us today 1-800-223-7058 and take advantage of our EARLY SIGN BONUSES!

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P. O. Box 2157

Mansfield, TX

February 2019
They kids love this shop and keep asking if we will be doing this year after year. Even the parents love it glad we found this company and they have great product the kids love
February 2019
Peppermint village does an amazing job! They have a wide selection of gifts starting at only 35 cents and they’re nice gifts. Not having to worry about damaged or stolen items is a big stress relief. We’ve used them for 2 years and will use them again.
February 2019
We absolutely LOVE Peppermint Village! Everything from the booking process, set up with no inventory needed, next day delivery, easy registers, great products, awesome price points for all children, bonus sign up incentives, and customer service are all above and beyond. This and so much more is why we continue to use Peppermint Village year after year!
February 2019
I have used peppermint village gift shop the last 3 years for our school Christmas shop! This company is so easy to work with. Everything has always run smoothly. Payment is easy and the kids love it! Thanks for providing great items!
January 2019
Love Love Love Peppermint Village. Easy set up, easy sales, they send you everything you will need for a great sale. Quality products and great customer service.
January 2019
We have used Peppermint Village for the last 2 years and have been so pleased with the quality of the products. Customer Service is spot on every time. It is easy to get set up with them and get our deliveries. Just pack it up and send back what you do not sell. If there was an easy button for a holiday shop it would say Peppermint Village.
January 2019
Our students loved the Peppermint Village holiday shop! We have used them for 2 years and plan to use them again this year! If you register early you get incentives like teacher gifts or store bucks. The items were cute and practical and with prices starting st $0.35 everyone can get a little something! No counting inventory, easy to understand pricing and easy to reorder the things you run out of.
December 2017
We found Peppermint Village very easy to work with and very accommodating. The most stressful part was putting everything out. After that it was easy. Our only issue was the lack of gifts that a 5th or 6th grader would buy. Our two years were a good experience and it would have continued if there had been more parental involvement.
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