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Apex Leadership Company

Apex Leadership Co. is a locally owned & operated hassle-free fundraiser that focuses on leadership, fitness, & fun. 95% of schools that switch to Apex from another event-based fundraiser raise more.

March 2019
I have been the PTO President for the past 2 years and on the board for 8. In all of my years fundraising, I have never seen a program that has been more successful for our school! Not only do we raise more money and don't have to utilize as many parent volunteers, Apex brings a fresh energy to our school. One of the best aspects of this program is that students are learning life long character building lessons along with benefiting from a healthy activity. Apex Fun Run has helped our school raise over 120,000 in the last 4 years! Because of this, we have been able to fund large-screen TV's in EVERY classroom, wireless keyboards, hardware, learning software and more to enrich student's learning. Harloe Elementary loves Apex!
March 2019
As a PTO board member for the past 2 years, I can whole heartedly reccomend Apex as the #1 go to fund raiser for your school. Apex not only delivers on raising more money for your school than you could hope for, but more importantly the messages they instowe on our children while at our school is full of positivity and encouragement. I LOVE seeing my kiddos come home with such excitement, just as much as I LOVE seeing the large check we get to present to the school at the end of the funraiser! So if you are looking for an easy Fundraiser that runs itself and will provide great results for your school look no further than Apex Fun Run!!!
March 2019
Apex is a great company with enthusiastic teams that come into your school and create an environment full of positivity. They are great role models for the kids and their message is very up lifting. We chose them over other similar programs because they didn't require a down payment, their pay scale was higher and their customer service was great!! They were there to help us from beginning to end. They did most all the work and the financial gain for our school was better than ever before! We are already signed up again for next year and looking forward to it!
February 2019
Liberty Hill Elementary and its mighty panther fans LOVE APEX!!! WE first chose APEX because of the fact that they took so much less of our contributions than other programs, so we gave them a try. Our kiddos walk into that week with pure excitement, and leave that week with SO MANY incredible lessons learned. From confident door holders, to leadership in using their words, the campus always has that fresh spirit when APEX is in the air. We absolutely love Dustin (AKA "Big Cheeto"), and hear his name ringing throughout the year. We, as a PTO are grateful for the APEX leaders' enthusiasm and energy. It had been suggested that if we bring in that much money, why don't we "run it ourselves".... Let's just say, we had NO answer for that. Only the look of "REALLY?!?!" They are truly amazing!!!
February 2019
Last year we used another company -- this year was so much better! From start to finish APEX has been outstanding. They listened to our thoughts and needs. They balanced the impact on the teachers and staff with fun and energy with the students. They brought our campus alive and inspired our students to be great leaders! Oh, and we surpassed our fundraising goal. In the past we’ve put on our own run, and even using a web based pledging tool, we raised (and profited) far more with Apex vs doing it ourselves. There’s a lot of value in what they offer. We can't wait till next year!
February 2019
Apex has an amazing program for school fundraisers! This is our third year using Apex and the teachers, students and parents are excited for another successful run. Apex staff really motivate the students and make the run easy for a PTO to execute. It is an all inclusive, entire school fundraiser that the kids love! The parents and teachers like the fitness aspect and positive lessons being taught in the program. I highly recommend an Apex fundraiser to raise funds and bring your community together!
February 2019
Our school tried something new for the fall fundraiser and did the Apex Fun Run. We could not have been more pleased. The kids absolutely loves it. The teachers loves getting competitive and earning money for the classroom. The parents loved the excitement from the children. The PTO loves how Apex took care of everything. Best part is that we exceeded our fundraising goal. We already signed up again for next year. As the coordinator my favorite part was the school spirit brought out in all students and staff.
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