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Jenny's Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe

Owned and operated by a former PTO President. No upfront costs and NO Counting Inventory. FREE next day reorders, tablecloths, parent letters, poster, money envelopes, step-by-step sponsor handbook.

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Keller, TX

December 2019
This was my second time helping out with the holiday shop, it was a great success! I helped with the decorations mostly and they took a long time, but in the end it was well worth it! The students who did the shop last year were so excited for it this year. The students who came in for the first time were blown away, the looks on their faces were so cute! Everyone loved the items, and I love how incredible penguin patch is!
December 2019
My school did a holiday shop for the first time this year. We've been contemplating it for a couple years, and after talking with multiple holiday shop companies we decided to use Penguin Patch. Their customer service was wonderful and the entire process is so easy. We just finished up our shop and the kids had a blast! It was so great seeing their excitement, we cannot wait to use Penguin Patch next year!
November 2019
Penguin Patch is marvelous! Their online cash register has got to be my favorite, although the overnight reorders and no inventory sheets are pretty close.
November 2019
At my old school, we always used Penguin Patch. The one I go to now we do our own and it is so much more work. I keep telling them that Penguin Patch does everything for you, it is a huge relief especially with holiday season ramping up and everyone being so busy. The other volunteers at my school are always so stressed because of all the time it takes to shop for gifts and tracking and storing everything, if only they knew how fantastic Penguin Patch is! Maybe next year they will listen to me.
November 2019
When I was in charge of the holiday shop, I always had Penguin Patch as our company. They are efficient, professional, and care about our students having a great time during the shop. The cherry on top is their loyalty point program, they always have great stuff that we use for future events or raffle off.
November 2019
Super great company! Cute little toys that the kids seem to really love. Their replenishment came quick, as promised and the welcome box literally walks you through every step. Loved how easy everything was to do.
October 2019
Penguin Patch has been a god send to our school! We used to run our own shop but with board turnover nobody had the bandwidth or energy to do it anymore. PP supplies everything we need from fliers to gift wrap and they even give toys to the kids who are in need which we love. This company is great guys and I recommend it if you want to actually have fun and not be super stressed over your holiday shop.
October 2019
We've been PP fans for longer then I've been at our school! Every year they keep getting better and the kids love how the theme changes, really keeps things fresh. PP makes it super super easy for you to run your holiday shop.
October 2019
WOW is all I can say about penguin patch! They were exactly as they promised. The customer service was great, the items came when expected, and the kids LOVED IT!
September 2019
We loved everything about penguin patch. Our welcome box came with easy to implement step by step instructions for the weeks leading up to the event. Set up was a breeze and packing up was even easier because there is no inventory counting. When we did an overnight restock it actually came overnight meaning no sad kids and lots of happy mama's. The kids loved the shop and even our low income kids got to participate fully because penguin patch sends free gifts for those kids. They are a company who truly seems to understand your stress around the holidays and care about making a good experience for everybody. I highly recommend them if you want a fun, caring hoilday shop.
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