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FACE MASKS - Youth Sizes. CONTACT FREE SPIRITWEAR Programs. Simplify your work. The BEST and MOST RELIABLE Spiritwear Supplier you’ll find. Since 1953. Best pricing, best service, best everything.

Special Offer: In addition to providing all LOGO Products, Magnets, Bags, Towels, etc. we also provide SAVEAROUND COUPON Books. If you use our company for both Spiritwear and Coupon Books, we offer FREE SPIRITWEAR.

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Wayne, NJ

July 2020
Our school just received YOUTH SIZE FACE MASKS and SPRAY HAND SANITIZERS from and we could not be more pleased. Orders arrived within days, perfectly printed with our logo. Spiritwear sent us 3 proofs to approve before we ordered and we were even able offer these items on the "contact-free" online store that they prepared for free. Spiritwear is First Class supplier and gets 5 stars from us.
December 2017
Excellent & professional customer service, excellent product, fairly priced. supplied our Panther football, cheer and grammer school spiritwear for over 5 years. As a customer, I purchased approx $500 worth of coats, sweatshirts, t shirts, lounge pants, hats - for our family. Kids love the updated designs each year and look forward to seeing them at the field! They are still in near new condition. I would highly recommend them as a fundraiser supplier. Heather Fernicola, Panther Football, Cheer & James Fallon spiritwear
December 2017
I am so impressed with this company. They did all of the work for our Spiritwear Program and I received all the credit. Online store was provided for free. Products were perfect. Logo they prepared was awesome. Orders were sorted by student and delivered for free. Every little detail that I asked for was promptly responded to. I have never had a better customer service experience with any other supplier/vendor from the school side or on a personal side. I highly recommend
December 2017
Larry at Spirit-wear has been a huge help in getting us what we need. As a non-profit, we need low cost and good quality to represent our cause and make sure we keep money going to help the children in foster care for whom we advocate. Larry helps us design, proof, sample products and places and delivers our orders saving us time that we can devote to other endeavors. His services are quick, quality and reliable. I've been using him for years and he has never let me down! Pam Passaic County CASA
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