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Palo Alto, CA
October 2019
Our school recently moved from doing a fun run (boosterthon) to a read-a-thon. This was our second year and we upgraded our online donation site from a free one with zero frills to 99pledges. It seriously saved me hours of work imputing things into spreadsheets. I was able to pull reports based on individuals, the school or classes. We have very strict privacy rules in our district so we were not able to take advantage of the option for them to create all the fundraising pages for kids. However it was basically one click from the main page and 2 lines to fill out for parents to create a page for their kid. It was also nice to get something for the 10% fee they charged (no one else seems too-it was a big factor in our choice). They covered all credit card processing fees.
March 2018
I used 99 pledges for our fun run last year. They were very helpful. It was super quick and easy to set up and manage. We will probably use them again this year.
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