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Plus Members get easy access to tons of PTO Today tools and resources and enjoy savings and discounts on a wide variety of products and services... all for only $199.

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More Resources.

Expert Guides

With your Plus membership you will have immediate access to all EIGHT of our downloadable Expert Guides, which include guides for Meetings, Auctions, Treasurers, Secretary’s, Parent Involvement, Start-up, Volunteer and Teacher Appreciation and Leader's Toolkit. (That's a $330 value!)


File Exchange

Our members-only File Exchange includes easy-to-use, downloadable forms and templates such as our Teacher Survey, Parent Involvement Flyer, Budget Samples, Committee Meeting Agenda Sample, and many others. We're adding new resources to the File Exchange area all the time so check back often to see all the helpful tools available for your group


More Savings.

Parent Group Insurance

As a PTO Today Plus member you'll enjoy savings on our five insurance packages, which have been carefully designed to fit your group’s needs. We cover many of the usual parent group events and activities that other policies exclude.

PTO Today Parent Group Expos

Enjoy a date out with fellow parent group leaders and check out tons of fundraising and playground companies, plus arts and enrichment programs all under one roof at our PTO Today Expos. Plus member groups get a 50% discount on tickets to all PTO Today Events. Tickets are available in single and convenient 4-packs.


Finance Manager and
Volunteer Manager Software

As a Plus Member group, you immediately get a $100 discount on our Finance Manager and Volunteer Manager package. These easy to use, web-based software products were created exclusively for parent groups. Our Finance Manager software will help make budgets and bank reconciliations easy for your Treasurer. Volunteer Manager will help you find, recruit and manage parent volunteers and their hours. Start your free trials of both programs today.

More Privileges.

Free Magazine Subscriptions

You'll receive four free PTO Today magazine subscriptions with your membership. Have the magazines sent right to the homes of your board members.

Leader Support Team

Sometimes you just need an important question answered quickly. Our experts at PTO Today are always available to assist you with any of your parent group questions or issues.


Special Offers and Free Giveaways

We've offered samples from Welch’s, Hyland’s, Bounty, Nutella and Tom’s of Maine to parent groups across the country on behalf of our partners. We’ve also given away Leapfrog Leap Pads, Nintendo Game Systems and Smarty Ants Reading Pups just to name a few. These programs add a lot of fun and excitement to events as everyone loves a freebie. Of course, these programs always have a limited supply and it's first-come, first-served. As a Plus member, you get top priority on all this cool FREE stuff.

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