Volunteer & Teacher Appreciation Toolkit

Many parent groups think that throwing a year-end party or giving out a small gift is all there is to volunteer appreciation. This Volunteer & Teacher Appreciation Toolkit will show you how to make recognition an ongoing effort that will significantly improve the volunteer experience and increase involvement.

It also details how to make your staff and teacher appreciation efforts the best they can be, from how much to focus on getting teachers involved to planning the right efforts at the right time.

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Chapter 1: Why Volunteer Appreciation Matters
Understanding Volunteer Management
A Culture of Volunteer Appreciation
Rethinking the Big Volunteer Appreciation Event
Respect All Volunteers’ Contributions
Give Your Volunteers a Stake in the Outcome
Tips for Thanking Volunteers the Right Way
Some Final Words on Appreciation

Chapter 2: Why Teacher Appreciation Matters
The “T” in PTO: Let Teachers Teach
9 Secrets That Keep Teachers Happy
Tips for Teacher and Staff Appreciation
Staff Appreciation Gifting Guide

Chapter 3: Volunteer and Teacher Appreciation Ideas
Prize Jars/Drawings
Student Participation
School Support
Personal Thoughts
Group Thanks
Presentations and Public Expressions
Chores and Errands
Nonmaterial Gifts (great for the holidays or anytime)
Lounge/Staff Room
Token Gifts of Appreciation

Appendix A: Spending Limits for Appreciation

Appendix B: The Candy Poem

Appendix C: Luncheon Themes and Ideas


Also included:

Appreciation Tools for Anyone:

  • Facebook graphics
  • Multilingual thank-you gift tags
  • “We need s’more people like you” gift tags

Appreciation Tools for Volunteers:

  • Facebook graphics
  • Volunteer word cloud