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Finance Manager Software
Our easy-to-use, web-based software will help you manage your group’s finances this fall. Plus members get $20 off.

Are You Covered?
We offer affordable insurance packages to protect against theft, injury, property damage, and embezzlement so you can focus on what matters most.

Performance to Budget Report
This monthly report outline shows the effect of financial activity overall, not just isolated transactions. Use it to keep track of your group's financial health.

Featured Expert Guides

Secretary's Toolkit
The secretary's role is important for keeping the PTO business running well and for communicating with members.


Meeting Agenda Template

Thank-You Letter for Businesses

Monthly Meeting Announcements

Startup Toolkit
Our comprehensive guide walks you through all the essential steps to make your group a successful independent entity.


Revenue/Expense Statement

Sample Conflict of Interest Policy

Form 1023 Completed Sample

Auction Toolkit
A complete how-to guide, from selecting a site to securing donations to suggested bids.


Auction Budget Worksheet

Live Auction Bid Sheet

Auction Cash-Out Procedures

Volunteer & Teacher Appreciation Toolkit
Effective ways to say thank-you, dozens of ideas for volunteer appreciation, and more than 50 ideas for teacher appreciation.


The Candy Poem

Teacher Appreciation Downloadables

Volunteer Appreciation Downloadables

More Expert Guides

Treasurer's Toolkit
Tips on smart budgeting, a checklist of important monthly tasks, plus ready-to-use finance and budgeting forms.


Financial Activity Report

Thank-You Letter for Businesses

Financial Review Guidelines

Parent Involvement Toolkit
Time-tested strategies for connecting with all types of parents at your school and walking them up the Involvement Ladder.


Help Wanted Ad

"Get Involved" Flyer

Parent Involvement Letter

Leader's Toolkit
Information on getting organized, getting your group focused, communicating with parents, and more.


Committee Orientation PowerPoint

Monthly Planning Checklist

Mission Statement Samples

E-Communications Handbook
This guide for PTOs and PTAs outlines best practices for sending email, setting up accounts on Facebook/Twitter, what to include on a website, and more.


Email Opt-In Form

Social Media 101 for PTOs and PTAs

Featured Downloads

Parent Group Planning Calendar
A month-by-month list of holidays and other dates relevant to parent group leaders.

Event Evaluation and Planning Form
For committee chairs to fill out after an event is finished, to help next year's planners.

Volunteer Interest Survey
This detailed form allows parents to choose which programs they'd like to help out with.

Officer Nomination Form
A list of officer and committeer chair roles, with job descriptions.


Robert's Rules for Beginners
A cheat sheet for officers new to parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order.

Financial Risk Assessment Checklist
This yearly checklist can help the executive board assess the group's financial security.

President's Planning Checklist
Breaking your work into manageable chunks can help you have a successful year.

Inspiring Quotes Clip Art
Download these quotations and word clouds to share with parents and your fellow officers.



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