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    Six big ideas to help you be a better leader

    Our leadership issue is packed with advice about how to create consensus, how to find, apply for, and win grants, tips from a former principal, questions to ask yourself before taking a new group role, and free resources!
  • Watch This
    Pro Tips for an Awesome DIY Pledge Fundraiser

    11 Expert DIY -Athon Fundraiser Tips

    The pros at PTO Today and 99Pledges will walk you through what you really need to know, from reading pledge drives to walkathons.
  • Valentine's Day

    Last-Minute, Extra-Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas

    Yikes! Have nothing for Valentine's Day? No worries!
  • Student Involvement

    Get Kids Involved in Your PTO or PTA

    Students bring a fresh perspective to your planning. Learn from the experiences of three different groups who involved student representatives.
  • Group Management

    Clique Fixes That Work

    Do parents see your parent group as being a clique? Need to repair or prevent a bad reputation?Change the way people see your PTO or PTA with these six fixes.

    25 Ways To Entice New Volunteers

    Tips to bring volunteers in, keep them happy, and avoid the pitfalls that will keep them from coming back.
  • Inspiration from leaders

    How Parent Groups Are Addressing Racial Equity

    As the country wrestles with issues around racism and racial equity, parent groups are taking positive steps toward inclusiveness.