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  • Free Planning Guide
    End of School Year Guide

    End-of-School-Year Guide for PTOs and PTAs

    Helpful tips and tools for getting organized, wrapping up finances, transitioning new officers, showing appreciation to volunteers and staff, and planning for next year before your school’s summer break.
  • Elections and Transition

    You're Elected! Now what?

    From meeting with past officers (twice) and the principal (often) to getting to know the rest of the board, here’s an overview of what’s next and our advice for getting off to a strong start.
  • Bylaws/Nonprofit
    How Good Are Your PTO Bylaws?

    How Good Are Your PTO Bylaws?

    Having up-to-date bylaws on the books helps protect the long-term integrity of the group from the unpredictability of the future.
  • Free Planning Guide
    School Holiday Shop Guide

    Planning Your Holiday Shop? We Like To Call That "Getting Ahead"

    Go, you! Get our free planning timeline, expert tips, Canva templates, and more.
  • Shop This Idea!

    Kindergarten “Signing Day” Event (and Free Printable)

    Everything you’ll need to bring this fun kindergarten round-up event to life—including a customizable "signing" certificate.
  • Year-End Tasks

    Your End-of-School-Year Questions Answered

    Solutions for the common questions leaders have about year end, including "Can we carry money over to next year?" and "What do we do if we have a vacant board seat?"

    Chairing a Committee: The Basics

    How to lead a committee, including getting organized, finding the information you need, and engaging volunteers.
  • Student Involvement

    Get Kids Involved in Your PTO or PTA

    Students bring a fresh perspective to your planning. Learn from the experiences of three different groups who involved student representatives.