• Back to School

    Kindergarten Signing Day

    Welcome incoming kindergarten students and their families with this fun event! Plus, get certificates for students to sign (free download).
  • Canva Template

    Year in Review PTO and PTA Graphic (Canva Template)

    A "year in review" graphic is a great visual that shows parents how much your group raised over the course of the year and how funds were (or will be) used.
  • Free Printable Bundle
    Funny School Volunteer Appreciation Awards

    Say Thanks With These Awards Just for PTO Leaders

    From "The Tough Cookie" to "Budgets Like a Boss", this set of 18 customizable school volunteer awards will add a little fun to your last meeting of the year!
  • Elections and Transition

    You're Elected! Now What?

    An overview of what lies ahead for first-time parent group board members, plus tips for getting off to a strong start in the new year.
  • Just Elected

    PTO President Checklist

    Breaking your work as PTO President into manageable chunks can help you have a successful year. This checklist of tasks will make it easier to accomplish!
  • Free Printable

    Middle School Survival Kits

    The perfect gift from your PTO for graduating students, here's everything you'll need to make middle school survival kits (free printable included).
  • Graduation

    5th Grade Graduation Event Ideas

    Celebrate rising middle schoolers with these fun 5th grade graduation ideas.
  • Teacher Appreciation

    Your Teachers Will Love This Fun Summer Send Off

    Everything you'll need, from décor (like those flamingo pool float beverage holders) and snacks to a Canva sign template.
  • Community

    Join the #1 Facebook Group for Leaders

    If you're not a member yet...you should be! Connect and share ideas and more with 57,000+ PTO and PTA leaders our private Facebook group.
    School Fun Run Fundraiser Guide

    Simple Steps to a Great Fun Run

    From ninja warrior style obstacle courses to bubble runs, your group can raise thousands with a fun event kids will love.
  • Family Fun

    18 Favorite Field Day Games

    Popular field day games and activities for a variety of ages and skills.