10+ Ways to Keep Parents Engaged on Social Media

    From lonely school mascots (on summer vacation) to "where in the world are you" posts, keep parents engaged on social media with these easy, fun ideas.
  • Prime Day is July 16 + 17

    Must-have Products for PTO and PTA Groups

    From portable bulletin boards and mascot costumes to thermal sticker printers (mind blown), here are all the must-have products—plus a few fun splurges—according to our community.
  • Athon Fundraiser Ideas

    12+ Inspiring School Fundraisers Worth Trying

    From silent discos to glow runs, we look at successful school fundraisers across the country
  • Get Ahead
    School Holiday Shop Guide

    Holiday Shop Help

    Get our planning timeline, tips, and templates—plus a free merchandise sample kit!
  • Back to School

    Kindergarten Signing Day

    Welcome incoming kindergarten students and their families with this fun event! Plus, get certificates for students to sign (free download).
  • Free Printable

    School Volunteer and Officer Questionnaire

    Getting to know your new crew is key to making volunteers feel welcome. Our editable questionnaire asks all the important stuff—along with a spot to add your own questions!
  • Just Elected

    PTO President Checklist

    Breaking your work as PTO President into manageable chunks can help you have a successful year. This checklist of tasks will make it easier to accomplish!
  • Elections and Transition

    You're Elected! Now What?

    An overview of what lies ahead for first-time parent group board members, plus tips for getting off to a strong start in the new year.
  • Free Printable

    Middle School Survival Kits

    The perfect gift from your PTO for graduating students, here's everything you'll need to make middle school survival kits (free printable included).
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    Join the #1 Facebook Group for Leaders

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