• Spring Events

    Graduation Gift and Event Ideas

    Sweet ways to celebrate graduating grade schoolers, from an end-of-year awards ceremony to yard signs and graduation parades, plus gift ideas.
  • Planning & Organizing

    Year-End Must-Dos for Your PTO

    Quick tips to close out your PTO year on a good note and prepare for a productive fall.
  • Year-End Events

    10 Ways To Celebrate the End of the School Year

    Ice cream social? Pool party? Check out our 10 ideas for fun events to wrap up this school year.
  • Planning & Organizing

    Back-to-School Tasks To Do Now

    Give yourself an easier start next fall by checking off these to dos before the current school year ends.

    Finances, Survey Results, Fundraising, Year-End To Dos

    Our Spring issue is all about your money—spending survey results, year-end financial to dos, and vetting potential fundraising partners. Plus, gift and event ideas for graduations and staff appreciation themes.
  • Free Appreciation Guide
    Volunteer Appreciation Ideas and More

    Volunteer Appreciation Matters

    From super-simple ideas to grander gestures, say thanks to your volunteers in ways that will make them feel good (and keep them coming back)!
  • Activities

    10 Simple Spring Events

    The weather will be getting warmer soon, and we have ideas to help you plan some fun ways your school community can enjoy spring and the great outdoors.
  • Watch This
    Pro Tips for an Awesome DIY Pledge Fundraiser

    11 Expert DIY -Athon Fundraiser Tips

    The pros at PTO Today and 99Pledges will walk you through what you really need to know, from reading pledge drives to walkathons.
  • Student Involvement

    Get Kids Involved in Your PTO or PTA

    Students bring a fresh perspective to your planning. Learn from the experiences of three different groups who involved student representatives.