• What's New

    Why Every School Needs a Book Vending Machine

    Encourage a love of reading and positive behavior with a book vending machine. Here's how to make it happen.
  • Just Elected

    PTO President Checklist

    Breaking your work as PTO President into manageable chunks can help you have a successful year. This checklist of tasks will make it easier to accomplish!
  • Elections and Transition

    You're Elected! Now What?

    An overview of what lies ahead for first-time parent group board members, plus tips for getting off to a strong start in the new year.
  • Parent Group Insurance

    Does Your Group Really Need Insurance? (Yes!)

    Too often, parent groups assume they're covered by their school or district policy, but the reality is most aren’t. We'll help you find out how to assess your group's insurance needs.
  • Back to School

    Kindergarten Signing Day

    Welcome incoming kindergarten students and their families with this fun event! Plus, get certificates for students to sign (free download).
  • Free Printable

    Middle School Survival Kits

    The perfect gift from your PTO for graduating students, here's everything you'll need to make middle school survival kits (free printable included).
  • Community

    Join the #1 Facebook Group for Leaders

    If you're not a member yet...you should be! Connect and share ideas and more with 57,000+ PTO and PTA leaders our private Facebook group.
    School Fun Run Fundraiser Guide

    Simple Steps to a Great Fun Run

    From ninja warrior style obstacle courses to bubble runs, your group can raise thousands with a fun event kids will love.
  • Family Fun

    18 Favorite Field Day Games

    Popular field day games and activities for a variety of ages and skills.

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    Get PTO Today Plus for your group

    Celebrate our birthday with 25% off!

    We've partnered with PTOffice to add an additional $500 of benefits to Plus memberships. In addition to all our amazing perks, you'll now get a free custom website, committee notebook, and more!
    PTO Today Spring 2024

    Fundraising Now and Later

    The latest issue of PTO Today magazine is off the press! Plan ahead to raise money (and build involvement at the same time).