PTO Treasurer’s Toolkit

The treasurer role can be a difficult position to fill. The good news is you don’t need to find someone with a financial or accounting background to be treasurer! We created this Treasurer’s Toolkit specifically for PTO and PTA leaders who don’t necessarily have experience handling budgets, bank accounts, and reports.

We’ll walk you through all the key financial steps of parent groups and everything you need to handle your parent group money correctly and keep accurate financial records. The toolkit includes tips on smart budgeting, instructions on how to create a treasurer’s report, a checklist of important monthly tasks, ready-to-use financial forms, customizable worksheets, and lots of other helpful tools and information.

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Chapter 1: The Treasurer’s Role
Job Description
9 Things Every Treasurer Should Know

Chapter 2: Getting Organized
Review Your Banking Relationships

Chapter 3: Budgeting
Creating a Budget for a New Parent Group
Creating a Budget for an Established PTO

Chapter 4: Essential Financial Controls
Keep Physical Control of Your Cash
Require Two Signatures for Checks
Maintain a Paper Trail
Reconcile Monthly
Report Monthly
Conduct an Annual Audit

Chapter 5: Ongoing Tasks and Monthly Reporting
Processing Transactions
Updating the Transaction Log
Reconciling the Checking Account
Handling Bounced Checks
Reporting to Your Group
Record-keeping and Filing

Chapter 6: Year-End Tasks
Complete a Risk Assessment Checklist
Plan the Preliminary Budget for Next Year
Close Outstanding Activity
Take Care of Bank Business

Chapter 7: Transitioning to a New Treasurer

Appendix A: Changing Banks: The Basics

Appendix B: Figuring Finances for New Events
What Is a Cost Model?
Building a Cost Model
The Outcome

Also included:

  • Treasurer’s Job Description and Duties
  • Month-by-Month Treasurer’s Checklist
  • Annual Budget Samples With Descriptions
  • Budget Category Transaction Worksheet
  • Budget Sample Categories Worksheet
  • Budget Actual History Worksheet
  • Budget Comparison Worksheet
  • Proposed Budget Worksheet
  • Reimbursement Request Form
  • Check Request Form
  • Deposit Notice Form
  • Deposit Split Form
  • Miscellaneous Charge Form
  • Cash Box Request Form
  • Checking Account Reconciliation Worksheet
  • Sample Bounced Check Letter
  • Returned Check Control Form
  • Financial Activity Report
  • Performance to Budget Report
  • Treasurer Oral Report Outline
  • PTO Record-Retention Rules
  • Financial Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Event Cost Model Template


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