Be a Rockin’ Room Parent

If you’ve either committed to being the room parent in your child’s classroom, or you’re considering taking on the role, good for you—it’s a special responsibility that you are very likely to find rewarding and worthwhile.

You’ve come to the right place for tips and information on making the most of that role. Our Be a Rockin’ Room Parent Guide provides lots of resources for being the best room parent you can be.

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What's inside?

What Does a Room Parent Do?

Still feeling like the experience could be overwhelming? Let the words of a veteran room mom reassure you that you can do it—and you will love it!

Ways To Make It Rock

From photo booths to organization, we’ve pulled together tons of practical tips for making your room mom life easier.

Classroom Parties

Let our ideas for activities, games, and snacks get you started with planning awesome classroom parties for the “big three” holidays: Halloween, winter, and Valentine’s Day.

Teacher Appreciation

As the room parent, you’ll be the one in the know about how best to let your teacher know how much she means to the class—and we can help you decide the perfect way.

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