Family Event Planning Kit

PTO Event Planning Kit

Getting families involved with special school events and activities is an essential part of a PTO’s or PTA’s success. Fun family events give the community something to look forward to and a way to spend time together. And just as important, prioritizing events lets families know you want them to be part of the school community in a fun, feel-good way—which tells them yours is a group they want to get involved with.

What’s Inside?

  • Points to consider when thinking of what event to plan (Why do you want to hold it? What’s your budget?)
  • Tips on getting organized, including a sample timeline
  • Helpful tools for promoting your events, including video instructions on how to create your own event flyers and Facebook graphics
  • A comprehensive list of family event ideas to choose from (so many!): quick and cheap, creative, for middle schoolers—you name it!

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