Family Event Planning Kit

Family Event Planning Kit


Inside the Family Event Planning Kit:

How To Get Organized
Once you’ve determined what event you want to have, it’s time to figure out how to do it. Here’s what you’ll want to consider for any event you do, from logistics to volunteer needs to finances.

Promoting Your Family Event
A publicity timeline to help spread the word and maximize participation.

Awesome PTO and PTA Events (So Many!)
A comprehensive list of family event ideas to choose from: quick and cheap, creative, for middle schoolers—you name it!

Flyers and Graphics
Customizable flyers for popular events, plus video instructions on how to create your own event flyers and Facebook graphics.


Why Parent Groups Hold Family Events

Good planning is key to a successful event. Whether you’re thinking of a one-off event or trying to plan for a whole season or year, you want to start by thinking about why:

To create a tradition: A high-profile or signature event like a carnival can rally your school community, build excitement, and result in a cherished school tradition. Planned well, lower-key events like Family Movie Night can also have a lasting impact.

To bring school families closer together: It’s not always easy for families to get to know each other, and events at school give moms, dads, and kids stress-free opportunities to have fun with each other. Some popular examples include sweetheart dances and potluck nights.

To mark an occasion: Back to school, Halloween, winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, and the end of the school year are just a few of the popular times to hold family events with a holiday theme.

To support academics and enrichment: Parent groups promote student learning in all kinds of ways, from academic-theme events like Family Reading Night and Family Science Night to art activities like Family Arts & Crafts Night.

As a fundraiser: Many community-building events like fun runs and carnivals also serve to raise money for your group. It’s important to balance the number of fundraising activities, even if they’re family events, with events that are purely about building connections and not about raising money.

Knowing the “why” behind your event—as well as considering your budget and what’s important to your school community—will help you decide what kind of event to hold.

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