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Kindergarten Signing Day

Welcome incoming kindergarten students and their families with this fun event! Plus, get certificates for students to sign (free download).

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Spread the Word: Parent Involvement Matters

A two-minute video summary of the ways your involvement at school can make a difference.

Involvement Best Practice
501(c)(3) Basics for School Parent Groups

DEI Guide for Parent Involvement

More inclusion leads to more involvement! This guide will give your group a framework to make DEI efforts an everyday part of running your group.

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Building Parent Involvement, Step by Step

How to help parents transition from volunteers to leaders.

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Quiz: Rate Your Involvement IQ

See how your group's attitudes and practices for building parent involvement measure up.

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Change a Bad Reputation With Parents

Tips to win over parents who have a poor impression of your PTO.

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How To Prioritize PTO and PTA Involvement

Why parent involvement matters—and how your group can make it a priority.

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Get Dads Involved

You can get dads connected and volunteering. It just takes a concerted effort and a different approach than you use for moms.


26 Ways To Build Parent Involvement

Getting more parents to participate is as easy as A, B, C when you follow this list of best practices.


9 Simple Involvement Builders

From using social media to simply asking for help, here are easy yet effective ways of getting more parents to pitch in.

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Involvement Matters: What To Tell Parents

Hundreds of research studies show that when parents get involved, children do better in school. We sum up the details that every parent should know—and you should tell them.

Free Involvement Guide
Put Parent Involvement First

Put Parent Involvement First: 10 Tips

Make involvement your top priority and every challenge your group faces will get a whole lot easier.

Free Recruitment Tools
Make School Volunteer Recruitment Easier With 2 Hour Power

2 Hour Power Pledge Program

Scratch "not enough volunteers" off your list of stressors. Our 2 Hour Power school volunteer recruitment program has all the steps and tools you need to build your base—2 hours at a time.

Volunteers & Involvement

How To Respond to Common Excuses

Try our No-Excuses Response Guide when "I'd love to, but..." is the answer you get from potential volunteers.

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13 Ways To Build School Community

Creating a sense of unity benefits students, teachers, and families.

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7 Ways To Involve Students

Making students a part of your parent group’s work will help kids and adults alike.


Volunteer Interest Surveys

Detailed forms for parents to fill out, marking the programs and committees for which they would like to volunteer. Some also available in Spanish.