Real (and Honest) Advice for New PTO and PTA Leaders

From remembering your "why" to setting boundaries and communication tips, our community shares their best advice for new PTO and PTA leaders.

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Because Every New President Deserves a Winning Ticket

The perfect welcome gift for newly elected PTO and PTA Presidents...all you need is a printer and a sense of humor!

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Help Wanted: PTO and PTA Officers (Canva Templates)

Canva templates to help you recruit new parent group officers—with a sense of humor.

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Election Season Tips To Ease Officer Transition

Steps to take now to ensure that the transition to a new board goes smoothly.

Back to School

31 Back-to-School Ideas for PTO Officers

Set yourself up for a successful fall with these 31 tips on organization, communication, and more.

Free Webinar: PTO Insurance
What You Need To Know About School PTO Insurance

Parent Group Insurance: What You Need To Know

Looking to keep up with some PTO business this spring? Our webinar covers why insurance is important, the various types you can get, and much more. Watch now for free!

Executive Board

Build a Strong Executive Board

Working to create a cohesive board now can pay off in long-term success for your parent group.

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Help Prepare New Officers for Success

With good planning and communication, you can help ensure a quick and easy leadership transition.

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How To Promote Your School Parent Group

How To Promote Your Group (and Why You Should Care)

Is your PTO or PTA struggling to be heard? Raise your profile and celebrate everything your group does with the free resources in our guide, for National School Parent Group Day or any time of year.

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Use PTO Experience To Get a Job

The skills you develop as a parent leader and school volunteer can give you an edge when going back to work.


16 Tips for Executive Board Members

Simple tasks that will make you a better parent group board member.

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Managing Discord on the PTO Board

Disagreements among board members are bound to happen, but they don’t have to be deal breakers.

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Don’t Burn Out Your Board!

Creating an organized and energized PTO board can help you have a great year. These tips will help you all get moving in the same direction.

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Parent Group President Resources

Advice and insight on becoming a PTO president, managing the president's responsibilities, and learning to be a great leader.

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Parent Group Vice President Resources

Insights from our experts and other parent group leaders for PTO vice presidents. Everything you need to know to be an effective leader.

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Parent Group Secretary Resources

What you need to know about PTO secretary duties, keeping minutes, managing information, and more.

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Parent Group Treasurer Resources

Information on managing budgets, reports, and other requirements that an effective PTO treasurer knows.

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Robert’s Rules: Sticky Situations

Straight answers to common questions about voting, agendas, and best practices for your meetings.

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Is It Time To Pass the Gavel?

Questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about retiring from your PTO leadership role.

Elections & Transition

Officer Transition: Planning Ahead

Prepare new officers for success by making sure they have the information and training they need.


Hold an Officers Retreat in the Summer

Spending a few hours together during the summer can help your group bond and be more organized and energized when school starts.