2 Hour Power Volunteer Recruitment Pledge Program

Make School Volunteer Recruitment Easier With 2 Hour Power

Volunteer recruitment is often a challenge for parent group leaders, and one that can make or break a PTO’s reputation. When your parent group has enough help, your regular volunteers are the best ambassadors around, excited and happy to be involved. Your group gets a reputation as a positive, productive, important part of the school community. And it feels like any effort is possible to achieve.

Your PTO or PTA can meet this challenge and turn reluctant parents into enthusiastic volunteers! Using the volunteer recruitment tools in the 2 Hour Power program, your group can encourage involvement, match volunteers to jobs that fit their interests, and strengthen the connection between families and the school. Plus, if you make that volunteer time easy and positive, there’s a great chance those parents will choose to do more.

Inside the 2 Hour Power Volunteer Recruitment Pledge Program:

How To Launch a Pledge Program at Your School
A step-by-step planning checklist, plus tips to recruit a coordinator, introduce the program to your school volunteers, and track volunteer hours.

How To Make Volunteering More Appealing
Getting out of the mindset that volunteering is only one thing or another.

Keep Your Volunteers Coming Back!
Making it easy to get involved, communicating clearly, and showing your appreciation for volunteers’ time and effort will help boost your volunteer recruitment numbers for the long haul.

Forms and Tools for a Successful Pledge Program
Everything you’ll need to launch 2 Hour Power at your school, including an introductory letter, thank-you email text, and spreadsheets for tracking hours and responses.

Volunteer Appreciation Graphics
Facebook graphics to use on social media, on your website and newsletters, or on bulletin boards.

What Is a School Volunteer Pledge Program?

Many parent groups have faced the problem of too few volunteers. Often it’s because people think they don’t have the time to pitch in. They fear being sucked into a “black hole” of volunteering where they’ll be hit up over and over or end up giving giant increments of time, which they just can’t spare with family, work, and other commitments.

But the truth is, just about any parent would be open to giving two hours of her time if she knew that commitment was valued and appreciated—and enough. In other words, once she gives those two hours, she won’t be pressured to do more.

That’s where a volunteer pledge program has value. It’s a two-way promise: Parents agree to show up for a certain number of hours, and the parent group commits to respecting that limit—after it’s met, any future volunteering time is offered by the parent, not asked for by the group.

Our 2 Hour Power volunteer pledge program provides all the details and tools you need to run an effective effort that will make a difference in how you think about volunteering, how it’s perceived by reluctant parents, and ultimately how much good work you’re able to do for your school.

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