10+ Ways to Keep Parents Engaged on Social Media

From lonely school mascots (on summer vacation) to "where in the world are you" posts, keep parents engaged on social media with these easy, fun ideas.

Shake Things Up!

20+ Fun PTO Ideas To Try

From cereal drive domino runs to stuff a school mascot events, can you get through this list without wanting to do at least one?

Back to School

Kindergarten Signing Day

Welcome incoming kindergarten students and their families with this fun event! Plus, get certificates for students to sign (free download).

Protect Your Group

PTO Insurance: What You Should Know

School parent groups and booster clubs need PTO insurance to protect their groups and their officers. Whether you already have insurance or you’re new to the conversation, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

Free Meme Bundle

40+ Memes About Volunteering at School (and Joining the PTO)

We rounded up the funniest memes we could find—and added a few of our own—in our new mega meme bundle.

PTO Today Article

Spread the Word: Parent Involvement Matters

A two-minute video summary of the ways your involvement at school can make a difference.

PTO Today Article

Money-Saving Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

7 ways to save when shopping for school supplies.


How To Work With School Staff

Building good working relationships with school staff takes open communication and mutual respect.

Planning & Organization

August PTO To Do List

Start the new school year right with these suggestions for August parent group activities. And if your school year resumes in August, use this same list for July planning.

Welcome Them Back

Make Your Own Back-to-School PTO Video

Our customizable back-to-school video template is an easy, polished way to introduce your PTO and share your goals. Use it at an open house, or add it to your website to reach families doing distance learning.

Back-to-School Supplies

Earn Retailer Rewards When You Buy School Supplies on TeacherLists

Buy school supplies on and earn retailer rewards for teachers and your parent group.

PTO Today Article

Virtual Back-to-School Night Ideas

Ideas from leaders for distanced welcome back nights that will inspire your school community.

How You Can Help

Social and Emotional Support at Back to School: How PTOs Can Help

When times are tough for everyone, your parent group can play a key role in helping support the school community.

Back to School

What To Tell Parents About Involvement

Messages about involvement to share with parents in emails, newsletters, social posts, and bulletin boards. Use them individually, or combine a few for a longer message.

Back to School

Get Ready for Back-to-School Night

Helpful tips and how-tos so you can make the most of your open house table.

Free Recruitment Tools
Make School Volunteer Recruitment Easier With 2 Hour Power

2 Hour Power Pledge Program

Scratch "not enough volunteers" off your list of stressors. Our 2 Hour Power school volunteer recruitment program has all the steps and tools you need to build your base—2 hours at a time.

Teacher Appreciation

Back-to-School Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Tips and templates to get your teachers' school year started on a thoughtful note.

Free Resource!
Back to School Facebook Graphics

Get Our Free Back-to-School Facebook Graphics

Our Facebook images make it easy to share information with your parents!


How To Give an Awesome Back-to-School Speech

Tips and a sample script will help you deliver a great back-to-school speech at your open house. Plus advice to help beat the public speaking jitters.

PTO Today Article

Build Involvement From the Start

Simple steps to help you boost your numbers right away and keep them up throughout the school year.