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School Fundraiser Planning Checklist

The keys to holding a successful school fundraiser are communication and participation. Maximize both by following this plan!


The Ultimate School Fundraising Checklist

Rock your next school fundraiser in just 10 simple steps.

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A Classroom Without Walls

From fundraising to design to construction, here's what to know to create a beautiful and functional outdoor learning space for your school.

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PTO Fundraising Plan: Sample Timeline

Not sure where to start with your fundraiser planning? Our sample timeline balances large and small efforts throughout the year.

Free Electronic Payments Guide
Online Payment Processing Guide for PTOs and PTAs

Significantly Increase Your Group's Income With This

In our guide to online payment processing, we cover vendor options, benefits, risks, and more to help you get started.

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Fundraiser Forms and Letters

Letters, order forms, coupons, and other resources for promoting or organizing fundraising activities.

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8 Dos and Don'ts for Talking Up Your School Fundraiser

What to say (and not say) to help your group reach its fundraising goals.

Free Auction Donations Guide
Silent Auction Ideas and More

The Ultimate List of Auction Ideas

How to get donations for your school auction, plus top-sellers (and what to avoid!).


Low-Cost Student Incentives for Your Next Fundraiser

Inexpensive ways to inspire kids to participate in your school fundraiser.

School Fundraising

13 Awesome Fundraising Ideas To Do During the Pandemic

Flamingo flocking? Mascot kits? Check out the top 13 fundraisers real PTO and PTA groups have found success with during the pandemic.

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6 Questions To Ask Before Your Spring Fundraiser

What to consider when thinking about spring fundraiser ideas for your school.


Passive Fundraising Ideas for School Parent Groups

Chances are your spring fundraiser's been canceled. Try these ideas to help bridge the gaps.

Free Download: Fundraising Guide
Restaurant Fundraisers Planning Kit

Restaurant Fundraiser Planning Kit

Restaurant fundraisers are an easy and simple way for your group to raise money for your school. Our guide will help you plan and promote your event with no stress.


19 Ways To Use School Spiritwear

From raising money to boosting your parent group’s profile, school logo clothing can make good things happen.


How To Choose a Fundraiser

There’s more to fundraising strategy than finding the biggest profit. Here’s what you need to know to pick a program that’s right for your group.


Put Some Bounce in Your Spring Fundraising

The options are endless, and it’s a great time for PTOs to try something new.

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Fine-Tune Your PTO and PTA Fundraising

Strategies and tips to help you go beyond school fundraising basics—and boost your profits.

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How To Choose a Fundraising Company

When it comes to fundraisers, one size doesn’t fit all. Finding a vendor that will help meet your school’s specific needs and goals is key.


Get Businesses To Support Your PTO

Asking local and even national businesses for donations, discounts, or manpower can increase fundraising resources—and is easier than you might think.


School Fundraising: How Much Is Too Much?

What does fundraising equity mean for your school?

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30 Tips for a Winning Sales Fundraiser

Make any sales fundraiser a success by following these pointers.


Test Your Fundraising IQ

What the experts say—and you should know—about product fundraising.


Which School Fundraiser Is Right for Your PTO?

Consider a few key questions, then check out our chart to determine what kind of fundraiser will best meet your current needs.

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Use the Internet To Boost Your School Fundraiser

Online tools can help PTOs and PTAs reach more people and make selling easier.

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Green Fundraising Ideas for PTOs

Eco-friendly fundraisers let parent groups help their schools and the planet at the same time.

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9 Tips To Increase Fundraising Sales

Fundraising representatives are great sources for tips on how to boost your fundraising success. Here are some of their ideas for increasing student participation and generating more sales.

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Add a Creative Touch to Your Bake Sale

A chocolate chip cookie will sell itself, but you can have an even more successful event with a little creativity.

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Build Support for Your Product Fundraiser

It takes more than good organization to have a successful sales fundraiser; get better results by creatively promoting yours to families and the community.