Collection Fundraisers Archive

  • In Praise of BoxTops and Labels and Receipts

    This morning's feature in the Boston Globe about how the General Mills BoxTops for Education program continues to send more funds to our schools reminded me that it's been a while since I offered a simple thank you to General Mills and Campbell's and Target (and there are more) for making this commitment to the kids and schools. So.... thanks.
  • Cash for Trash Fundraising Still Growing

    The cash for trash name is catchy, but it's not meant to diminish what have become very successful programs for many groups. This North Carolina story itemizes how several local groups are seeing more and more success with these "passive" (no selling) fundraising programs
  • PTO Turns Cans Into Cash

    An aluminum-can collection and recycling program is a reliable fundraiser and provides some much-appreciated services for the school.
  • Collection Programs: Tips To Pile Up Profits

    Creative ways to get the most out of your clip-and-save and recycling programs.
  • Marathon Mom Runs for Her PTA

    A New York City mom uses her legs to raise money for her parent group—26.2 miles at a time.
  • Rating the Clip-and-Save Fundraisers

    PTO Today's scorecard of the best and worst label and box-top collection programs.
  • Ink Cartridge Recycling

    Collecting printer cartridges has become an increasingly popular fundraiser.