Family Tech Talk Night: The Best Way To Build Digital Citizenship

Hosting a Family Tech Talk Night is important (and easier than you think)

Build Digital Citizenship With a Family Tech Talk Night

Because of coronavirus-related school closures, kids are spending more time online than ever. Consider sharing this important presentation with parents in real time using Facebook Live or via Zoom meeting!

Inside the Family Tech Talk Night Planning Kit:

Professional slideshow presentation with talking points
No Internet expertise required—all you need to do is read the script!

Step-by-step planning guidelines
Full of tips and ideas for a smooth event along with a complete timeline, from preplanning to post-event.

Free printables for parents to take home
The 14 Internet slang terms parents need to know about, the latest hot apps kids are using, Internet safety tips and FAQs, family conversation-starters, an Internet safety pledge for kids to sign, and a fun “How To Speak Emoji” bookmark.

Promotional tools
Facebook graphics, #selfie invitations, reminder stickers, and a customizable flyer to promote your event.

Join the Movement

For more than five years, we’ve helped thousands of schools across the country host engaging Family Tech Talk Night events. Get your school involved and help educate families about the importance of digital citizenship and Internet safety for kids!

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