Build Digital Citizenship: Free Virtual Event for Parents, Hosted by an Internet Safety Expert

Build Digital Citizenship With Family Tech Talk: Virtual Edition


What You’ll Get With Family Tech Talk: Virtual Edition

An expert who will host and present this virtual event to parents
Trend Micro will work with your group to schedule and present a Zoom webinar on a date that works for your school community, about topics that matter to your community (such as managing screen time, gaming, social media, media literacy/fake news, etc.).

Step-by-step planning guidelines
A complete timeline for a smooth virtual event, from start to finish. This includes details on how the Trend Micro expert will coordinate with your group and what to expect.

Promotional tools
Save-the-date Facebook graphics, a customizable flyer, and sample email text to publicize your virtual Family Tech Talk event to families.

Access to free handouts for parents
Besides making this virtual event available to your school’s parents, your group will also be able to share informative handouts that parents can download, including popular apps that parents need to know about, FAQs on smartphones and school technology, conversation-starters for parents and kids, a roundup of social media and Internet safety resources, and more.


Join the Movement

For more than five years, we’ve helped thousands of schools across the country host engaging Family Tech Talk Night events. Get your school involved and help educate families about the importance of digital citizenship and Internet safety for kids!



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