Less Planning...More Dancing! Athon Fundraisers From Your Phone With Get Movin’! Less Planning...More Dancing! Athon Fundraisers From Your Phone With Get Movin’!

Glow Events

Glow Dances & Glow Runs: Everything to Know

Expert tips for a school glow dance or glow run, plus must-have decor, supplies, activities, free Canva templates, fundraising ideas, and more

Podcast for PTOs

Fundraise Like a Boss!

Tune into the latest podcast episodes as PTO leaders and the experts at Get Movin’ share fundraising tips and success stories.

Athon Fundraiser Ideas

12+ Inspiring School Fundraisers Worth Trying

From silent discos to glow runs, we look at successful school fundraisers across the country

Free Webinar Series

Expert Tips and Tricks for Successful School Fundraisers

Plan your most successful school fundraiser yet with this free webinar series from the experts at Get Movin' Fundraising.

School Color Runs

12 Tips for an Amazing Color Run

Expert tips to help your PTO have a successful school color run.

School Fun Run Fundraiser Guide

Simple Steps to a Great Fun Run

From ninja warrior style obstacle courses to bubble runs, your group can raise thousands with a fun event kids will love.

Fundraising Tips

5 Trending Online Tools for Athon Fundraisers

With the introduction of more accessible, customizable, and automated platforms and apps, here's how to successfully fundraise in the digital era.

Fundraising Incentives

Fun Principal Incentives To Motivate Students

From kissing pigs to getting tattoos (yes, really), here's how today's principals are helping schools smash their fundraising goals.

PTO Today Article

Easy Ways To Boost Your School Athon Fundraiser

Go beyond the typical school fun run or -athon with one of these ideas to raise money and school spirit.


How To Run a School Readathon

Tips and tools for putting together a readathon or other educational fundraiser


Low-Cost Student Incentives for Your Next Fundraiser

Inexpensive ways to inspire kids to participate in your school fundraiser.

PTO Today Article

Add More Fun to Your School Fun Run

Parent groups get creative to raise interest in their fun run fundraisers.

PTO Today Article

Organizing a School Fun Run

Done right, a jogathon can build school spirit while also earning some big bucks.

Penny Wars

How To Run a School Penny War Fundraiser

A penny war is an easy way to make some quick cash for your school or another cause

Awesome "Athon" Fundraisers

Flossathons Are a Thing Now, and We're Here for It!

Who knew you could take a popular dance move and turn it into a full-on fundraiser for your school?

Free Downloadables

Fun Run and -Athon Printables

Free flyers, racing bibs, and other tools for your walkathon, jogathon, or otherwise named -athon fundraiser.

Fun Run Tools

Fun Tools for Your Fun Run

Download a flyer and other free tools specifically for a fun run fundraiser.

Free Fun Run Tool

Fun Run Donation Request Letter

Customizable sample letter requests that a business donate bottled water to a PTO fun run and explains how the PTO will recognize donors.

Free Fun Run Tool

Fun Run Sponsor Request Letter

Editable letter to send to local businesses asking them to sponsor your fun run, jogathon, or other -athon fundraiser.