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Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags and Signs

From coffee trolleys and popcorn bars to "pooped" cupcakes and full moon treats.

Appreciation Week Resources

Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 Resources

Popular ideas, templates, clip art, and planning tools to help you celebrate your teachers in May (and all throughout the year).


How To Make a School Supply Cake

Step-by-step instructions, an ingredient list, and a video tutorial will walk you through how to create the perfect supply cake.

Teacher Appreciation

Teachers Lounge Makeover Tips

Easy and budget-friendly ways to update the teachers lounge and give them a break space they'll love.

Free Appreciation Guide
54 Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation: The Ultimate Guide

54 ways to show teachers and staff you care, from inexpensive student gifts to theme meals.


Last-Minute Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Short on time or funds? No problem! Check out these suggestions for ways to show teachers and staff that you appreciate all they do.


Power Up Your Teacher Wish List Program

TeacherLists can help your group manage your school’s teacher wish list program right online, at no cost.

Teacher Appreciation

Love on a Budget

Appreciation gifts for $5 or less will help you say thanks without breaking the bank.

Showing the Love

Teacher Appreciation Goes Mainstream During School Closures

A look at how giving teachers the love they deserve has spread well beyond parent groups during this spring's school closures.

Teacher Appreciation

41 Teacher Appreciation Ideas They'll Love

From a "woot woot wagon" to a cleaning supplies buffet, you'll find inspiration in our newly updated collection of PTO-inspired ideas (41 and counting!) to show your teachers you care.

Teacher Appreciation

Celebrate With a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Ideas for organizing a breakfast to show teachers you care during Teacher Appreciation Week or any time of year.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Throughout the Year

Ways to take the time throughout the year to let your teachers know you appreciate them.

Last-Minute Teacher Appreciation

Quick, easy teacher appreciation gifts

Not crafty? No problem! Check out our quick, inexpensive, and thoughtful ideas you can use on their own or as part of a larger effort.


The Candy Poem

A favorite for teacher appreciation time.

Teacher Appreciation

50 Ways To Thank Your Teachers

No teacher gift yet? No stress. We have you covered with our collection of 50 great ideas.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags

Need an idea for a Teacher Appreciation gift? Print one of our gift tags for quick inspiration.

Teacher Appreciation

5 Step Teacher Appreciation Plan

Follow these tips to make any teacher appreciation effort a hit.

Teacher Appreciation

Creative Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Fresh, fun, and low-cost gift ideas to show teachers and staff how much you care! And no, there are no coffee mugs.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation: 9 Ways To Celebrate

Show your school's teachers some love with these parent-group-tested appreciation ideas.

PTO Today Article

What Teachers Love About PTOs

Knowing what matters most to teachers can help parent groups target their efforts more effectively.

PTO Today Article

What Teachers Don't Love About PTOs

Despite the best of intentions, some of the things parent groups do can drive teachers crazy.