Communications Archive

How your group communicates with its members and the school community can affect its success. Newsletters, email, even the Open House speech—our writers and editors cover it all. You'll find tons of tips and ideas for good communication in the articles below. Find more helpful tools and info on the Communications resources page.

  • How's Your Q Score?

    When parents think about your PTO, what kind of feeling do they get? Marketers call that a Q score; here's why it matters.
  • The Language of Leadership

    To grow your group, have a focused message and then match actions to words.
  • Parochial School: Marketing Campaign Keeps School Open

    Low enrollment, a declining local economy, and the departure of the school administrator made parents sure their Catholic school would be the next to close. What they did not only prevented it but also established the school even more strongly, and earned the group recognition as PTO Today's 2006 Outstanding Parent Group at a Private School.
  • Is Your School Parent-Friendly?

    From the staff to the building to the materials sent home, there are steps PTO leaders can take to help make their school a place where parents feel comfortable.
  • A Tool To Manage Volunteers

    PTO Manager helps you find and track volunteers, and manage your finances more efficiently.
  • Put On Your Sales Hat

    These five basic principles of good salesmanship will help you build parent involvement.
  • Recruit Volunteers by Phone

    "Can you make a few calls?" may be the single phrase volunteers least like to hear. A simple system can make the task less stressful and more successful.
  • Create a PTO Website That Works

    Never created a website before? No problem! We'll walk you through the process, from getting a domain name to promoting and maintaining the site.
  • Communication for Middle School PTOs

    Middle school parent group leaders share the messages and communication strategies that have helped them build involvement.
  • Dealing With Disagreements

    Find the right words so that difficult conversations don't derail the group's work.
  • A Simple Communication System

    To help parents keep up with news, events, and activities, use a "communications envelope" to send school and PTO correspondence home with students on a regular schedule.
  • Talking Points That Build Involvement

    Use this list to address the questions and objections that people raise about getting involved in your parent group.
  • Permission Slips That Work

    Permission slips are often sent home with kids for school activities, but most of them don't provide any legal protection for the school or the parent group.
  • Sniper Crisis: PTSO Steps Forward

    When a sniper shot a student at Benjamin Tasker Middle School, the PTSO played a crucial role for safety and communications.
  • Basic Marketing That Builds Involvement

    There's a simple reason why some parents haven't gotten involved: They don't know what your PTO is or what it does. Change that by communicating the right way.
  • Buying a School Sign

    There are lots of choices to make when you choose a school sign. Here's what you need to know.