Events & Programs Archive

We know planning great family events is a big part of what your group does. There are tons of ideas in the articles below for new and better ways to connect with parents, even planning events around holidays. Find more helpful tools and info on the Events & Programs resources page.

  • Mother-Son Dance: Jammin' Fun

    A twist on the traditional father-daughter dance offers music, activities, door prizes, and a chance for parents and kids to bond.
  • Book Fairs: Tips for Success

    Organization, communication, and a dash of fun will make your book fair an event to remember.
  • Holiday Shops: Kids Love 'Em

    Holiday shops, also known as Santa shops, are popular with kids and parents, and volunteers often enjoy helping children make their choices. But running a shop takes planning and organization.
  • School Performers: Preparing an Orientation Packet

    Tips to make the most of a school visit by arts and enrichment performers.
  • How To Choose School Performers

    Enrichment activities and school performers bring fresh insight and perspectives. Find the best fit for your school.
  • Spring Family Event Ideas

    Put down the fundraising checklist; forget the next round of school testing. It's time for school fun! Here's a sampling of PTO spring traditions from around the country. What will you do to celebrate your school community this season?
  • An Author Visit From the Author's Eyes

    An award-winning children's author and speaker shares his best ideas for maximizing the value of your next arts and enrichment performer.