Finance & Budget Archive

Your group can't do its great work without strong financial policies and a sound budget. Whether you're the PTO or PTA treasurer or a member concerned about protecting funds, you'll find tons of ideas and help on money management in the articles below. Yes, we even cover PTO and PTA embezzlement. Find more helpful tools and info on the Finance & Budget resources page.

  • PTO Theft

    Former treasurer in jail.
  • Embezzle Redux

    Two more cases.
  • PTO Insurance: What You Should Know

    School parent groups and booster clubs need PTO insurance to protect their groups and their officers. Whether you already have insurance or you’re new to the conversation, we’ll make sure you’re covered.
  • Annual Audit: How and Why

    A yearly audit is a key safeguard for your money and a planning tool for the year ahead. Think of it as a "year in review" for your finances.
  • Dealing With Bad Checks

    Many problems with check payments can be avoided by having a clear policy in place from the start.
  • Figuring Finances for Events

    How to build a simple cost model and estimate the start-to-finish finances for your group's new events.
  • 5 Smart Financial Controls

    Avoid unnecessary headaches with these practices to keep your assets safe and your records clean and up to date.
  • Should You Charge Membership Dues?

    Charging PTO membership fees might mean more cash, but perhaps fewer volunteers.
  • When To Change Banks

    If the fees are piling up or there's a limit to the number of transactions you can make each month, it might be time to look for a better checking account at a new banking center. Keep a few basics in mind when you do.
  • Preventing Theft: Why It's Crucial

    Theft from PTOs and PTAs doesn't happen because there's a criminal in your midst. It happens because need meets opportunity—opportunity you can and should prevent.
  • How To Manage Your Budget

    These basic bookkeeping procedures will help you keep your PTO budget in order.
  • Budget Basics for PTOs

    Budgeting makes all of your financial decisions easier. Follow these steps to create a budget for your PTO, even if you've never had one before.
  • What Should PTOs Pay For?

    Tighter school budgets mean parent groups are asked to fund more and more items that used to be paid for by the administration.
  • PTO Insurance: Do You Need It?

    Without insurance, your group and your officers may be at risk. Here's what you should know to assess your needs.