Fundraiser Planning Archive

  • What I Know About Fundraising

    Getting a few important basics right will make the biggest difference for the success of your parent group’s fundraising efforts.
  • Good Fundraising Is More Than Just Profit

    Don't choose a fundraiser for your group based on profit percentage alone.
  • How Has the Economy Affected Your Group?

    A sampling of responses from PTO Today’s fall 2008 survey of 1,100 parent groups.
  • Economy Blues: Survey Results

    Results from our fall 2008 fundraising survey of 1,125 leaders on how the economy has affected parent groups.
  • My Tip of the Week: The Fundraising Temptation

    As parents, we've all heard from our kids: "Just one more... pleeeaaase. What's the big deal?" Whether it's candy or another TV show before bedtime or another toy at the store, it's always very tempting to give in. But we also know that moderation and limits are best in the long run.
  • How PTOs Are Adapting to Hard Economic Times

    PTOs everywhere are bracing for lower fundraising returns and tighter budgets at school and at home. We talked to parent group leaders about how they're getting through it.
  • More Flier Fuss for PTOs and PTAs

  • 2010 PTO Expos Sneak Preview

    Our blog readers always get this scoop first.... So it looks like our 2010 Expo schedule is firming up. The cool news -- several more Expos in 2010 than in years past. There will be 8 or 9 in the 2nd semester of this coming school year. Old stalwarts Boston, Philly and Chicago? Check. Coming back to Columbus and Minneapolis? Check. Bringing the band to Houston, St. Louis and Tennessee? Hmmmmm. Watch for complete details and dates in August. Want to make sure you don't miss an update? Subscribe to our e-newsletter, the Leader Lowdown.
  • Working With a Local Education Foundation

    Local education foundations help communities build large-scale support for schools. Here’s a look at the ABCs of LEFs and how they mesh with parent groups.
  • Community Service: Knitting for a Cause

    PTO Today’s 2008 Outstanding Community Service Project turned a fundraiser into a heartwarming event: Students knitted hats in all sizes for patients at the local children’s hospital, then delivered them personally.
  • Easy Money Comes at a Price

    If it looks like easy money, it'll probably cost your parent group.
  • Fun Principal Incentives To Motivate Students

    Stepping outside of their ordinary roles is a proven way for principals to motivate students to meet fundraising and achievement goals.
  • Reward Assembly Stirs Debate

    A fundraising assembly featuring dogs doing tricks spurred months of debate in a southern California community after a mother protested excluding those students who hadn't sold anything.
  • Fundraising Help From Local Businesses

    Partnering with neighborhood businesses for donations, discounts, or manpower can increase fundraising resources—and build a connection between the parent group and the community.
  • Fundraising Award Assemblies. Pro or Con?

    Wow, I've definitely heard strong opinions on the good and the bad re: fundraising award assemblies, but -- man alive -- the commenters at the end of this California column seem to think they're either a) the most horrible thing ever top hit our schools; or b) an extraordinarily important lesson in free enterprise and rewarding hard work.  And here I just thought they were assemblies.
  • Fundraising Hubbub in TarHeel State

    Definitely seeing this issue pop up more often these days -- the case of parents objecting when their kids are left out of fundraising rewards events or assemblies.
  • Massachusetts PTO Expo

    So we're 2-for-2 on weather issues this year for our Expos. Hopefully, that means New Jersey, Chicago and Denver are due for bright skies and warm temps, right? Even with some slick roads (those darn weathermen were predicting way worse, which kept some folks away), more than 400 leaders joined us for a great day.
  • 'Nother Expo Picture

    Was such a fun day Wednesday that I thought I'd add another picture. Great crowd, and this photo really captures it. That big blue ball is actually the earth from "Earth Balloon". You can also see (through all the people) booths for Innisbrook Fundraising and Primary School Supplies.
  • Wall Street Journal asks if Fundraising has Gone Too Far

    Usually it's the local papers where a guest columnist comes up with the annual screed against fundraising. Today, though, a guest colunist for the esteemed Wall Street Journal chimes in with a severely one-sided look at school fundraising.
  • District Management of Fundraising Efforts

    Very interesting article from Michigan about a district trying to bring some central controls to the wide-ranging fundraising practices in its schools.