Fundraising Events Archive

  • Pierogi Palooza

    Raising funds and building community, one dumpling at a time.
  • Parent Group Fundraiser: Place Your (Tiny) Bets!

    There's an abundance of unusual fundraising ideas for parents to consider, from cow plop bingo to dog dress-up contests, and here's another offbeat idea: mouse racing.
  • 12 Creative PTO Fundraisers

    These unique fundraising ideas won’t always raise a barrel of cash, but they will raise community spirit and get people talking about your group.
  • Trend Watch: Run/Walk Fundraisers

    More school parent groups are organizing races that attract runners from throughout the community to raise money.
  • The Amazing PTO Hay Maze

    It sounded like a crazy idea—but a few months and 2,000 bales of hay later, one Texas PTO had a unique and profitable fundraising event that has since become a community tradition.
  • Fishing for Funds a Huge Success

    The Alex-Bradley PTO in Alex, Okla., sponsored a noodling tournament fundraiser last June. Contestants wrestled giant catfish, which they caught by hand from the Washita River. The largest fish caught weighed 57 pounds!
  • Summer Crafts Fest Brings Community Together

    A two-day “Christmas in July” street fair brings together more than 20,000 attendees.
  • Casino Night Newbies Ace It

    A first-time, Vegas-themed event brought out hundreds to play cards and trade their chips for prizes.
  • Casino Nights: Fun and Games, Not Gambling

    Tips for success, top ways to increase profits, and guidelines to make sure your group's next casino night fundraiser plays by the rules.
  • My Tip of the Week: Auction Peace (and Profits)

    I'm already sharpening my elbows and working on my pen speed for the upcoming silent auction at my kids' school. Sad, but true.
  • Family Event: Fun and Eco-games

    PTO Today’s 2008 Outstanding Family Event was a green festival that combined learning and fun, included a large number of parent volunteers, and helped strengthen the connection between the middle school and home.
  • Economy Affects Auctions

    In tough economic times, nonprofit auction planners need to start early and be creative, according to a survey by an online auction company.
  • Bake Sales Step by Step

    A bake sale can raise money for your group as well as enhance your profile in the community. These ideas and planning tips will help you have a great one, start to finish.
  • PTO Wins With Tournament

    Teams of students compete in a basketball tournament that has become a rallying point for the entire middle school.
  • Organizing a School Fun Run

    Done right, a jogathon can build school spirit while also earning some big bucks.
  • EBay Shuts Down PTA Auction

    Parents at Deer Park Elementary in Tampa, Fla., had big plans to raise money for the 5th grade trip to Universal Studios Florida through an eBay auction. What they didn’t count on was being shut down by eBay.
  • Auction Makeover

    By turning its long-time auction into a more upscale, innovative event, one PTO took profits—and parent enthusiasm—through the roof.
  • CT Bingo Police

    Connecticut parent groups shying away from Bingo (for the time being anyway), as legislators try to clarify state law on low-stakes games of chance.  Sounds to us like the proposal -- making it much easier to hold innocuous family fun nights (winnings capped at $20 and low or no admission fee) -- makes a lot of sense.
  • Adults can be Adults

    I'm surprised (because the PC police usually win) and happy that this PTA in Kansas is sticking to its guns and allowing alcohol at its off-campus, adults-only fundraising auction.
  • School Auctions with Online Twist

    Our friends at cMarket.com got some great ink in today's Boston Globe.  Of course, the writer didn't call us for our expert take on the PTO and PTA fundraising world, but that's OK. :-)