Idea Bag

  • PTO Today's new Yellow Pages

    We just completely rebuilt our "Find Your Next PTO Vendor" Yellow Pages.  You should check it out and bookmark it as a starting point for all of your PTO vendor needs.
  • Involvement in any language

    Parents at Galway Elementary in Silver Spring, Md. may not always speak the same language, but they all want the best possible education for their children. That's why the PTA started the Galway Guides program, in which parents mentor families whose first language is not English.
  • File Exchange Tool - Coming Very Soon!

    If you're a regular on our message boards you'll know how often folks are looking to share documents with each other. Why design a brand new 'Donuts with Dad' flyer or 'Welcome Letter' when others have already done the work and are willing to share?
  • File Exchange is Live - Grab a Doc, Share a Doc

    Last week I wrote a post about the File Exchange tool that we expected to launch this week. Thanks to our technical, marketing, and editorial teams we pulled it all together and the File Exchange went 'live' yesterday afternoon. If you have any questions or you're having trouble downloading/uploading documents please let me know.
  • TV Turn Off

    Activity turn on.
  • Friday Night Out

    Nice program idea.
  • Auction, Fire Truck, Nice.

    Big $$ assured.
  • One-Day Blitz

    Wisconsin group dedicates one day to multiple fundraisers (chicken dinner, auction, more...) and sees nice success.
  • A Dad on Donuts

    Donuts with Dads from the Dad's perspective. Great column from California.
  • Around the World

    Nice. New Jersey Middle School PTA sponsors world fair, celebrating customs and cultures of 17 different countries.
  • Open Air

    Schoolyard Farmer's Market every Saturday serves as fundraiser for this California group.
  • Anniversary Party

    Love it! Florida PTO combines annual family fun day and school's 30th anniversary celebration for a great day for entire community.
  • ..and Apple Pie?

    New Jersey PTO spearheads townwide night at the local minor leage baseball game. Nice.
  • Family Dinner

    Dinner with the whole family, a novel idea. Love it!
  • Watch DOGS

    Dads program showing nice results.
  • Carnival Inspiration

    Several neat ideas.
  • Dad Tips

    BBOC = Big Boys on Campus
  • PTO on Fox TV

    Faces Made for Radio