Leadership Archive

A good leader energizes a group and keeps everything running smoothly. The articles below have tons of ideas to help you become a successful leader. Find more helpful tools and info on the Leadership resources page.

  • Build Support for New Ideas

    When members resist change, reduce the chance of conflict with patience and understanding.
  • Visibility: A Leadership Challenge

    You've done the work—do people know about it? Getting your group's name and message out to a wide audience, in the right way, is an essential part of success.
  • Polish Your Delegation Skills

    Doing it all yourself leads to burnout—and isn't good for your parent group, either.
  • How To Deal With Difficult People

    Whiners, Know-It-Alls, and Steamrollers: Strategies to cope with even the most hard-to-take personalities.
  • Care and Feeding of Key Volunteers

    Your core members are so important to the success of your group. Make sure they're getting what they need out of their volunteer experience.
  • When You Feel Overwhelmed

    You don't have to choose between staying involved and staying sane; come back from the edge—and make burnout less likely to happen again.
  • When Conflict Splits Your Group

    Ways to prevent controversy from escalating, and how to bring the PTO back together if it already has.
  • Find Your Leadership Style

    The best leaders recognize their natural tendencies and use that knowledge to respond appropriately in different situations.
  • Orienting New Members

    Help newbies hit the ground running by creating a welcoming atmosphere and giving them the opportunity and information they need to be able to contribute right away.