Parent Group Hall of Fame Archive

Sometimes the best inspiration is hearing about the amazing things done by other parent groups like yours. Compiled below are all the feature stories about past winners of PTO Today's Parent Group of the Year search—groups that were recognized for their outstanding work.

  • Creative Ideas Help PTO Thrive

    Using creative solutions to make it easier for parents to get involved was the hallmark of PTO Today's 2005 Northeast Region Parent Group of the Year winner.
  • When We Were a Parent Group of the Year Winner

    Sometimes the best thing a PTO can do is look back on all the great stuff it has accomplished.
  • National Winner: Limited Resources, Big Results

    A broad and welcoming approach to involvement helped achieve surprising results for a PTO at a school with few economic resources, making the group PTO Today’s 2005 Parent Group of the Year.
  • Nine Schools Merge Into One

    A district-mandated mega-merger came at the end of a trying time, which might have spelled disaster under other circumstances—but these parents focused on community-building to get through it in one piece, making the newly created group a clear choice as PTO Today's 2005 Mid-Atlantic Region Parent Group of the Year.
  • Small School, Powerhouse Parent Group

    PTO Today’s Midwest Region Parent Group of the Year proves that the reach of your accomplishments doesn’t have to be limited by the size of your group.
  • Troubled Times, Proactive PTO

    With their school getting media exposure for all the wrong reasons, the leaders of PTO Today's 2005 Southern Region Parent Group of the Year stepped in to help administrators and students.
  • National Winner: Middle School Magic

    Creating involvement at the middle school level can be tough, but Rosemont Ridge PTO has the magic touch. That made them PTO Today's 2004 Parent Group of the Year.
  • National Winner: Renovation Project Builds Unity

    What started as a painting project became a major renovation, and a focus for building involvement for PTO Today's 2003 Parent Group of the Year.
  • PTO Blossoms as Town Grows

    PTO Today's 2003 Northeast Region Parent Group of the Year steps in to support its local schools after 10 years of rapid growth squeezed space and budgets.
  • National Winner: Community Spirit on Parade

    A strong sense of community—and extended community—help make this group PTO Today's 2002 Parent Group of the Year.
  • Strong Involvement: Six Groups

    A commitment to building parent involvement unites the six regional winners in PTO Today's 2002 National Parent Group of the Year search.
  • Idea Gallery 2001

    Hundreds of Parent Group of the Year applications in 2001 yielded hundreds of hearwarming stories and accomplishments and more than a few quotes we just had to share.
  • National Winner: After Tornado, PTO Stronger Than Ever

    A unified response to a community disaster strengthened this PTO and gave them renewed focus. Now, they are PTO Today's 2002 Parent Group of the Year.