Planning & Organization Archive

Being a PTO leader is fulfilling, but it can leave you drained, too. You'll find tons of ways to keep your energy level high and avoid burnout in the articles below. Find more helpful tools and info on the Planning & Organization resources page.

  • How To Start a PTO

    Step-by-step tips for getting a new parent group up and running at your school.
  • Greening Our Parent Group

    A Cleveland PTO worked to bring its school’s green policies to life. The result raised awareness among parents, students, and teachers alike.
  • My Tip of the Week: Stop Worrying about Meeting Attendance

    My advice to you this new school year: Stop worrying so much about attendance at your meetings. Focusing on who attends meetings is a sure-fire way to get depressed about your group's progress and, frankly, a waste of your time and energy.
  • Recession Busters

    The down economy doesn’t have to keep your group from having a great year. Try these tips for success when money and resources are tight.
  • Creating a School Directory

    It's a project that takes careful planning and attention to detail, but the resource that results will be well-used and will help your group serve parents.
  • We've Got You Covered

    Our goal: creating solutions to deal with all of the challenges your parent group might face.
  • Create a School Tradition

    Ambitious events build excitement and involvement. They make your PTO look great, too.
  • When is it time to retire?

    In the April issue of PTO Today magazine we ask: As the school year draws to a close, parent groups will be electing new officers and existing leaders will be deciding whether to go another round. How do you decide when it’s time to retire?
  • 9-Point Meeting Checklist

    Follow these simple steps to make your meetings painless as well as productive.
  • How To Set and Reach Group Goals

    How you go about setting objectives—and how you communicate them once they're set—plays a key role in your chances for success.
  • Organize Your PTO Work

    Parent group leaders share their favorite organization tips for order and efficiency.
  • What Every Treasurer Should Know

    Being a good treasurer takes planning and organization. Follow these pointers and you'll be ready for success.
  • Do you pledge allegiance?

    This story from Rhode Island raises a good question -- does your group recite the pledge (or similar rituals) to start meetings?
  • A Tool To Manage Volunteers

    PTO Manager helps you find and track volunteers, and manage your finances more efficiently.
  • Make Planning a Priority

    Think ahead for fall and get a jump-start on a productive year.
  • Procedures Book: Your PTO's Instruction Manual

    Helpful information and resources to create policies and procedures books for your leaders.
  • Shhhhhh....

    Top secret preview. We've got a new project up our sleeves. Check out a very little bit by clicking here. And be sure to get on the list to receive updates as this neat new product launches late spring/early summer. Get on the list by filling out the info form right on the PTO Manager pages. I've seen demos -- two years in the making; it's going to be great!
  • Energize Your Parent Group

    Tips to build interest and enthusiasm, then keep the momentum going all year long.
  • Energize Your School

    A strong parent group can instill pride, promote a positive attitude, and get parents involved in the school all year long. Follow these tips to help your PTO build—and maintain—school spirit.
  • Regional Councils Strengthen PTOs

    Forming a regional council helps parent groups share ideas, coordinate events and fundraisers, and tackle bigger issues.