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15800 Arminta

Van Nuys, CA

February 2020
I’m a busy working mom so when I heard about Artkive from a friend, I was psyched. I sent in artwork for both of my kids in one box and they professionally photographed all of it and tagged by kid and age. I had hoped to do this at home but I just could never make time and honestly the photos would not have turned out even half as good. I got one keepsake book for each kid, and my kids love looking at their books and showing it to their friends. I chose to have Artkive send the art back, but I honestly don’t even need the originals anymore. My kids and I are enthralled with the books. The service is expensive, but they do everything for you and it’s worth it. Highly recommend!
February 2020
Artkive is such a cool concept! Everyone has kids art just laying around gathering dust and this is the perfect way to tidy up and make a great collectible- and benefit our school! Customer service is great and book is beautiful and high quality. Not the most inexpensive product, but if someone was going to use the service anyway, the school might as well benefit.
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