Mini Easter Baskets

These mini Easter baskets are adorable and the kids will love decorating them. And really, mini anything is a guaranteed hit with the kids.



- Yogurt cups
- School glue - water based
- Mixing cup
- Paint brush
- Construction paper
- Scissors
- Pipe cleaners
- Optional basket goodies: plastic eggs, markers, stickers

How to Make:

Rip up construction paper into small pieces. Tip: good way to use up scraps.

Put glue in a cup and add a very small amount of water. Just enough to thin it so its easier to paint with.

Paint glue on a yogurt cup and stick on construction paper. Tip: paint over and under the scraps as you stick them on and they will adhere better. It gets sticky, but fun. When cup is covered allow to dry.

Choose 2 pipe cleaners. Lay 1 straight and loop the ends of the other to create a basket handle. Next wrap the straight pipe cleaner around the cup and twist to close. (see photo)

Fold a 1/2 sheet of construction paper into an accordion shape (like you were making a fan). Hold it closed and cut the end with scissors to make crimped Easter grass. Tip: use a marker to show younger kids where to cut and supervise. (see photo) When done, fill up your homemade basket with grass.

Optional non-food basket goodies: Use stickers on colored plastic eggs or find craft eggs to decorate. Markers work well on the matte surface plastic eggs.