How Working Moms Can Help With Class Party Snacks (While They’re at the Office)

Just because we’re moms who work doesn’t mean we don’t know how to (class) party. Working moms, IMO, are pretty darn amazing. We (miraculously) manage to get kids up, fed, dressed, brushed (let’s not forget ourselves in this equation, either), and out the door, all before rolling up to work in the minivan at 9:08 a.m. (if we’re lucky). And while many of us don’t get the chance to help out in the classroom during school hours, we can still contribute. Time to get into stealth working mom ninja mode, ladies!


1. Use the office printer to secretly print out 24 treat tags for class party treats (we’re loving these Halloween class party snack tags). Don’t worry—with four tags per sheet, that’s only six sheets of paper, so it’s unlikely anyone would notice. Just stand by the printer with a legal pad to look as unsuspicious as possible.

2. Run out at lunchtime to grab snacks at the grocery store down the street. Aimlessly wander around aisles looking for things that are prepackaged and classroom-safe. You’ll never read and analyze so many labels in your life, but hey, it’s your lunch break, so take your time. You’re pretty much a superhero at this point. Quickly meander down the wine aisle. I mean, you’re already here, and it’s Monday, so...

3. Race back to the office parking lot because you took way longer than your allotted 30 minutes to choose a wine—er, I mean, a snack.

4. Upon entering the building, everyone and their mother will ask you “what’s in all the bags?!” Just smile and say “birthday party.” Works every time.

5. Skype your fellow cubemates (who are also moms) with a vague invitation to “swing by” and help you with some work/life balance. You’re all in this together, and most of you are lucky to have made it to work this morning wearing two matching shoes.

6. Hover around your desk while you all work to quickly cut out treat tags. Plus, the next time Beth asks you to help with her kid's holiday class party, you’ll gladly glue googly eyes to water bottles while hiding under your desk.

7. Your stapler is missing again and you start to understand why the guy from Office Space was so protective of his. Borrow Beth’s—she won’t mind. Besides, it’s probably yours anyway.

8. Open your boxes of cookie snack packs around 3 p.m. Wait for the recognizable rustling of packaging to lure in hungry office mates on the prowl for their afternoon snack. Know that you’ll be asked to share some. Go on, sacrificing one bag in the name of afternoon office munchies won’t kill you.

9. Staple treat tags to the tops of your cookie snack bags. Like, a lot. When nosy next-door Nance asks you what the heck you’re stapling—a book?!—tell her you have a last-minute meeting you’re prepping for. Throw in a heavy sigh for believability.

10. Grab a cardboard box from the recycling area (note all the paper towel tubes and try to remember to grab those for the next party craft!). Toss in your ready-to-go party treats.

11. Throw the box in the trunk and you’re ready for drop-off the next morning.

12. The next morning, you realize your 1st grader probably can’t carry a box that’s bigger than she is, so it looks like you’re going to be late for work...again. All in the name of volunteering, right?

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