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A Year's Worth of School Appreciation Tags and Signs

From School Custodian Recognition Day to Bus Driver Appreciation Day, we have you covered.

Canva Templates

Meet the Board Barbie Canva Templates

Because Barbie would totally run the PTO, right?

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School Volunteer and Officer Questionnaire

Getting to know your new crew is key to making volunteers feel welcome. Our editable questionnaire asks all the important stuff—along with a spot to add your own questions!

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Shop This Idea! Teacher Appreciation Treat Trolleys

Teacher Appreciation Trolley Carts

Welcome teachers back with themed munchies delivered right to their door! Get our shopping lists for snacks and decor, plus Canva templates.

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2023 National School Parent Group of the Year Winner

Congratulations to HFES PTA, who worked hard to make their parent group inclusive and representative of their Spanish-speaking school community.


Stock the Teachers’ Lounge: Meme Edition!

Snacks and drinks with a side of LOLs? We're in! Here's everything you need (memes included).

Volunteer Appreciation

School Volunteer Awards and Gift Pairings

Our free set of 18 customizable awards and silly gag gift pairings make unforgettable end of year board gifts!

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Everything Your PTO Needs To Know About Book Vending Machines

Encourage a love of reading and positive behavior with a book vending machine. Here's how to make it happen.


“Stay Afloat” Summer Send-off for Teachers

Everything you'll need, from décor (like those cute little pool float beverage holders!) and snacks to a Canva sign template.

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Teacher Appreciation Week Charcuterie Cups

Everything you need to make charcuterie cups for 100 teachers—for less than $300.

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31 Secrets Your PTO Needs To Know

Where to find free donations for school auctions and teacher appreciation, plus free design resources, tech hacks, and more.

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Friends-Theme Teacher Appreciation Event

Shop our round up of Friends-theme teacher appreciation files, event supplies and gift ideas to bring this fun event to life.

Random Acts of Kindness

24 Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind

Adapt some of these inspiring ideas to encourage and model kindness in your school community.

Event Planning
Easy Meal Ideas for Large Groups

22 Easy Meal Ideas for Large Groups

Feeding a crowd? You'll want to check our ideas, plus calculators for determining how much food you'll need to purchase and prepare.

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24 PTO and PTA TikToks That Made Us LOL

If you own an inflatable dinosaur costume or spend Friday nights with your label maker, this one's for you.