Special Events

Fun Ways to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse at School

The next eclipse is April 8. Bring on the moon pies, Sun Chips, and Starburst! Get our treat tag Canva template, eclipse theme snacks, activities, a playlist, and more.

Glow Events

Glow Dances & Glow Runs: Everything to Know

Expert tips for a school glow dance or glow run, plus must-have decor, supplies, activities, free Canva templates, fundraising ideas, and more

Shake Things Up!

20+ Fun PTO Ideas To Try

From cereal drive domino runs to stuff a school mascot events, can you get through this list without wanting to do at least one?

School Celebrations

School Holidays and Special Days to Celebrate in March

Ways to celebrate the school holidays and special days in March, like mini pies on Pi Day, pencils on National Pencil Day, rainbow snacks on St. Patrick's Day, and a Rock Paper Scissors tournament for March Madness.

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Taylor Swift Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6. Are you ready for it?

Product Fundraising

Everything You Need To Know About a World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

Raise thousands of dollars for your school in less than two weeks with this much-loved product fundraiser.

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Teacher Appreciation Hydration Station (Recipes + Signs)

Hold on to those Stanleys! Here’s everything you need for a hydration station, including school-theme recipes (like “It’s 3:30 Somewhere”.)

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How To Do a Stuff a School Mascot Event

Take your school spirit to the next level! Here’s everything you’ll need, from supplies to Canva templates (including mascot birth certificates).

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A Year's Worth of School Appreciation Tags and Signs

From School Custodian Recognition Day to Bus Driver Appreciation Day, we have you covered.

Free Meme Bundle

40+ Memes About Volunteering at School (and Joining the PTO)

We rounded up the funniest memes we could find—and added a few of our own—in our new mega meme bundle.


Shop This Idea! Stock the Teachers’ Lounge: Meme Edition

Snacks and drinks with a side of LOLs! Here’s everything you’ll need (memes included).


8 Hilarious Reactions When You Ask Parents To Volunteer

Because when you're on the PTO, nothing scares you.

Random Acts of Kindness

24 Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind

Adapt some of these inspiring ideas to encourage and model kindness in your school community.

Just for Fun

24 Weird but Awesome Habits of PTO Leaders 

You'll love (and relate to) our take on some of PTO leaders' more interesting habits.

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Everything Your PTO Needs To Know About Book Vending Machines

Encourage a love of reading and positive behavior with a book vending machine. Here's how to make it happen.

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Shop This Idea! Teacher Appreciation Coupon Book

Bring on the jeans passes and all the secret desk snacks.

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Shop This Idea! Teacher Appreciation Treat Trolleys

Teacher Appreciation Trolley Carts

Welcome teachers back with themed munchies delivered right to their door! Get our shopping lists for snacks and decor, plus Canva templates.

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The Ultimate List of Midyear Teacher Appreciation Ideas

The Ultimate List of Midyear Teacher Appreciation Ideas

From #WaterTok to "halfway there" snack carts (cue the Bon Jovi playlist), here are some of the coolest ways to celebrate teachers midyear.

Volunteer Appreciation

School Volunteer Awards and Gift Pairings

Our free set of 18 customizable awards and silly gag gift pairings make unforgettable end of year board gifts!

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Friends-Theme Teacher Appreciation Event

Shop our round up of Friends-theme teacher appreciation files, event supplies and gift ideas to bring this fun event to life.

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Kindergarten Registration “Signing Day”

Welcome incoming kindergarten students and their families with this fun event! Plus, get certificates for students to sign (free download).


7 Ideas for Celebrating Leap Day

2024 is a Leap Year! Celebrate that extra day in February with some of these fun and educational activities.

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31 Secrets Your PTO Needs To Know

Where to find free donations for school auctions and teacher appreciation, plus free design resources, tech hacks, and more.

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School Counselors Week Sunshine Basket

It's National School Counselors Week! Show your counselors how much they’re appreciated with this colorful “basket of sunshine.”