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Racial Equity in Your PTO or PTA: What Are You Doing?

Leaders and experts weigh in on involvement and communication strategies that can bring people together effectively.

PTO Today Article

How To Work With School Staff

Building good working relationships with school staff takes open communication and mutual respect.

Family Tech Talk: Virtual Edition

Reengage Parents With a Free Virtual Internet Safety Event

From cat memes to TikTok, what are kids up to online? Sign up to have an Internet safety expert run this FREE virtual event for your school's parents.

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PTO Today Magazine—Digital Edition

Great tips, advice, and action steps to help you boost parent and student involvement by putting diversity and inclusion efforts front and center in your group, fixing a clique reputation, building school spirit, and much more.

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Marketing Must-Dos for PTOs and PTAs

Marketing Must-Dos for PTOs and PTAs

Eight top ways to promote your group effectively within your school community, plus actionable steps for each one.

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Methods for PTO Communication

It’s not just what you say, it’s the method you use to say it. Use these tips to maximize your messages.

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Text Messaging Apps for PTOs and PTAs

Messaging services can make it easier to stay in touch with board members and families.

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How To Get Local Media Coverage for Your PTO or PTA

Having your parent group events and achievements covered in the local media can benefit your group in several ways. Here's what you need to know.

Make Flyers That Pop!

Flyer Communication Tips

How to make the most of flyers for your PTO’s events and other activities, plus video tips for creating your own flyers.


How To Get Parents Involved on Your Facebook Page

Use our free Facebook graphics and simple tips to start building a bigger Facebook community.


Communication Tips for Better Involvement

How you reach out to parents can help build involvement—or it can work against your group. We'll help you get it right.

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How To Write a Press Release

Get more publicity for your next event with these simple steps for contacting the media.

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Create an Effective Parent Handbook

A good handbook can be invaluable to new parents and presents your group as a great resource.


The Art of Saying No

Use these tips to keep yourself from becoming overcommitted, or worse, burned out.

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Email Communication Tips

How to use email effectively while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding.


Eliminate a Negative Vibe at PTO Meetings

Critics got you down? Using a diplomatic approach to handle difficult situations (and people) can often help get things back on a positive path.


Create a PTO Newsletter They'll Read

A school newsletter is an effective way to communicate with parents; these six steps take you from start to finish.

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Facebook: Going Beyond the Basics

The social media site is an ideal place to post meeting reminders and announcements. But it can help your parent group in a variety of other ways, too.


Don't Say It!

12 casual comments that discourage involvement, 12 positive alternatives that build it.

PTO Today Article

Create an Effective Survey

Gathering feedback from parents and teachers can make your programs more successful. These tips will help you create a survey and evaluate the results.


Create a PTO Website That Works

Never created a website before? No problem! We'll walk you through the process, from getting a domain name to promoting and maintaining the site.