Do Meetings Matter?

Yes, but there are many ways to gauge the success of your parent group's efforts.


Videoconferencing Tips for Your Virtual PTO Meeting

Meeting online to keep PTO business going during prolonged school closures? Try these tips to keep your virtual meetings going smoothly.

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The One-Hour Meeting Manager

If your PTO meetings run longer than an hour, they’re too long. Here’s how to make them shorter and more efficient.

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16 PTO Meeting Ideas You'll Wish You'd Thought of First

The good news is now you can do them all.

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What’s the Big Deal About Robert’s Rules?

Five key practices that are must-knows to run your meetings effectively.


Door Signs for Your Virtual PTO Meetings

Knock twice if you’re interested in volunteering, kids.

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PTO Meeting Magic

A well-run meeting lets you get more business done in a shorter time, whether you're meeting in person or virtually.


PTO Meetings Resources List

What are the best ways to plan and run PTO meetings? We’ve made it easy by compiling this list with links to our best articles and downloadables.


Eliminate a Negative Vibe at PTO Meetings

Critics got you down? Using a diplomatic approach to handle difficult situations (and people) can often help get things back on a positive path.


Icebreakers for PTO Meetings

Keep the conversation flowing at your meetings with this printable sheet of eight icebreaker questions (and tags for writing in your own).

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Make Meetings More Fun

Is it hard for your group to get people to come to meetings? With some creativity, you can increase attendance—and parent involvement.


Meeting Minutes Dos and Don'ts

Minutes are a legal document and an important record of your decisions. Guidelines on when to take minutes and what to record.


PTO Minutes Approval Process Printable

Step-by-step guide to take you through the minutes process, from taking them to publishing them and getting them approved.

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Robert’s Rules: Sticky Situations

Straight answers to common questions about voting, agendas, and best practices for your meetings.

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Meeting Minutes: Just the Facts

Keeping complete and accurate minutes is an important legal obligation. Here's why certain types of information should—or shouldn't—be included.


Boost Meeting Attendance

Do you struggle to get people to come to meetings? The problem might be publicity or timing—or it might be the meetings themselves.


Prepare for Your First Meeting

Tips to make your first meeting the best it can be.