4 Popular Athon Fundraiser Platforms Every PTO Leader Should Know


Find the perfect pledge drive fundraising partner and raise even more money for your school.


What Is an -Athon Fundraiser?

Fun runs, jogathons, and other pledge drive “-athon” events have long been popular fundraisers for PTOs and PTAs. They create a lot of excitement and spirit at school and, in the right circumstances, they can raise thousands of dollars. They’re also super for building community spirit and creating experiences that students will remember for years afterward.

How Does an -Athon Fundraiser Work?

  • These events follow a simple structure: Students are encouraged to collect donations or pledges, either as a lump sum or a specific amount for each lap or unit that’s completed.

  • They can be enhanced with themes (color run, mud run, glow-in-the-dark danceathon, etc.)—basically, you can turn your -athon event into anything you want!

  • There are usually fun prizes for individual students, classes, grades, or even the whole school when fundraising or participation milestones are reached. Incentives and prizes are a super effective way to keep energy levels high and motivate student participation to the max.

Benefits of Working With an -Athon Company

These kinds of events can take a tremendous amount of organization and volunteer power to pull off. That’s where companies that will organize your -athon fundraiser for you come in, making it more accessible for smaller groups and easier for groups of any size! Depending on what level of support your group needs, you can choose a full-service solution to help plan and run your event or simply take advantage of online pledge pages and other fundraising tools.

Below are a few of the most popular companies who provide these services to parent groups. Check them out to find one that's right for your group!


Get Movin’ Fundraising




99Pledges is the leading online fundraising platform for schools, enabling thousands to raise more funds than ever before.  It’s great for events such as fun runs, read-a-thons, spell-a-thons, pledge drives, and more!  Now with $0 startup and 0% platform fees, even more money goes to the kids!

We’ll set your students up with online donation pages and manage your entire event online, making it simple for volunteers, parents, and donors. We can have you live tomorrow and be with you every step of the way through the end of the easiest and most profitable fundraiser you’ve ever done!

Features and Benefits

  • 99Pledges is the only platform that allows for ZERO parent setup. Best participation ever!

  • 99Pledges is the only fundraising service designed for schools with NO platform fees!

  • 99Pledges helps thousands of schools have their most successful fundraisers each year!

  • Nearly 100% of 99Pledges customers use our services year after year.

  • Most of 99Pledges customers come from referrals from existing customers.

  • 99Pledges solves the headache of fundraising through innovative technology!

  • 99Pledges loves our customers and would love to help you! Give us a shout!

Pricing and Profits

99Pledges is the most profitable fundraising solution of its kind. It’s simple.

  • Cash/check donations: You keep 100%. 99Pledges will track and email receipts to donors.

  • Online donations: 99Pledges has NO platform fee. We do collect 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction on your behalf for Visa/MC/Amex/PayPal.

  • That’s it! No other fees whatsoever. No startup fees. No minimums. No contracts. No brainer!  

More details here: http://99pledges.com/pricing

What Parent Groups Are Saying About 99Pledges

“We loved it! It was so easy and we love your platform and low cost! We loved our experience! Thank you so much!”
—Sunrise School

Special offer from 99Pledges! Sign up to learn more and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card (one winner each month!)

Learn more about 99Pledges

Get Movin’ Fundraising


Get Movin’ Fundraising provides the most comprehensive online platform for EVERY type of Athon fundraiser: FundHub! Give parents digital tools like social and text share, student fundraising webpages, and family sharing options. Plus, make your job easy with incentive trackers, donation reports, activity counters, email builders, dynamic flyers, and the volunteer organizer. FundHub provides the affordable technology your fundraiser has been missing. With these online tools and our expert coaching, you will double or even triple what you’ve raised on your own!

Features and Benefits

  • Personalized Student Fundraising Webpages! Secure, COPPA compliant, 100% mobile optimized.

  • Online Parent Tools! Family Dashboard (view sibling donation progress) and easily share on social.

  • Engage Teachers! Teacher Dashboard full of educational features and classroom fundraising options.

  • Personal Event Coaches! Get help from beginning to end with one of our fundraising experts.

  • Save Time with Dynamic Flyers! 16 Ready-to-use flyers, promotional schedule, and much more.

  • Real-time Donation Tracking! Instant reports for the most up-to-date and accurate data.

  • Thousands of schools nationwide return each year! Learn why when you get a full tour of FundHub.

Pricing and Profits

With new enhancements, schools average keeping 97% of all funds raised!

  • We promise the best service, with the best features and maximum profits every day!

  • Keep 100% of cash/checks, yet still add them in for exact donation data and prize distribution.

  • Online usage fees are applied to only online donations.

  • In the end, schools pay an average 4% of their online donations total. 

  • There are no fundraiser minimums. 

  • Schools double & triple their profit all the time pairing with Get Movin’ Fundraising.

What Parent Groups Are Saying About Get Movin’ Fundraising

“We had a phenomenal experience with Get Movin'! We raised much more than in previous years and they were able to accommodate any and all last-minute requests. The platform was easy to use, featured robust reporting, and was easy to customize for our needs; it was a vast improvement over our manual tracking efforts of the past. We certainly look forward to working with Get Movin' for our future fundraising needs!”
—Ambyr Valko, Fundraising Chairperson, Blanche Sims Elementary PTO, Orion, Michigan

Special offer from Get Movin’ Fundraising! New schools that partner with Get Movin’ and use FundHub for the first time will get a professionally created kick-off video, customized for your event. Use code TODAY100 when teaming up!

Learn more about Get Movin’ Fundraising



We Wrote the Book on Color Run Fundraisers! Throw out your boring school fundraising ideas and replace them with a colorfully good time from School-A-Thon! We offer an easy fundraising platform to help schools and communities reach their goals in a vivid and super interactive way—Color-A-Thon color runs. Schools and organizations can earn up to a 70% profit. We Make it Easy! No Upfront Fees Free Shipping No Hidden Fees!

Features and Benefits

  • Bulk color dust. The more money you raise, the more color dust we send.

  • Individual color packs. Participants earn color dust packs for their donations.

  • Parent letter. Pre-printed Parent letters and Money Collection Envelopes are provided.

  • Custom pledge site. Each participant gets their own pledge site to help raise money.

  • Credit card processing. We make it easy to accept your Color-A-Thon donations online.

  • Money management software. Our easy-to-use tool helps you keep track of your donations.

  • Student awards program. Great incentives to motivate your students.

Pricing and Profits

NO UPFRONT COST FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION! Your group will earn 70% of the donations received if you collect $12,500 or more, 60% profit for events that collect $7500 to $12499, and 50% profit for events that collect less than $7500. Groups pay $3.00 for all T-Shirts awarded/ordered during the sale.

YOU CAN MAKE MORE! Schoolathon provides an area on your group’s website where you can insert online “Banner Ads”. You can sell ad space on the website and keep 100% of the proceeds.

What Parent Groups Are Saying About School-A-Thon/Color-A-Thon

“Schoolathon and their color run was the absolute best fundraiser for our elementary school. Students were excited about the individual prizes, the color run and getting color-blasted at the end was the icing on the cake!  We are doing another Schoolathon fundraiser this year, and everyone is even more excited for this one!  It’s a fun way to raise a money for our school!”
—Kati S., Fiddlers Canyon School PTO

Special offer from School-A-Thon! Use promo code PTOColor when you sign up to receive an extra 24 lb. box of Color Dust for your students to get super colorful!

Learn more about School-A-Thon/Color-A-Thon



Want an athon fundraiser that’s perfectly customized to your school’s specific needs? Booster is the easy choice with more than just one service level to choose from. Booster Tech offers an extremely user-friendly platform and clear next steps at every turn with a high-value playbook that draws on Booster’s 20 years of school fundraising experience. If you’re looking for even more support, it’s easy to level up to Boosterthon’s support service options. At Booster, it’s not one-size-fits-all. You get a free consultation to find the perfect level of service so your school profits more than ever.

Features and Benefits

  • Save time! No more counting cash & checks with Booster’s industry-leading online donation software.

  • Raise more with prize reports in the click of a button and incentive visuals to motivate students.

  • Make sharing fun with a custom video for each student, starring them & highlighting your fundraiser!

  • Get corporate matching donations—and keep 100% of matched donations.

  • Take advantage of the flexibility to collect pledges or a flat donation in the same fundraiser.

  • Feel in control at all times with up-to-the-minute fundraiser tracking!

  • Show school pride on your fundraiser page with your logo, colors & fundraiser impact story.

Pricing and Profits

Booster has a pricing option that fits every school budget from the smallest school co-op to the largest schools in the country, made possible by Booster’s many service level options. To keep it simple, Booster offers free help choosing the perfect service level for you. With this process, in the last 20 years Booster has helped schools of all sizes profit over $400 million. Booster genuinely cares about helping schools succeed and is an excellent partner to maximize school fundraising profits.

What Parent Groups Are Saying About Booster

“We have done Booster for years, even trying the option where we took on more responsibility for a larger profit one year and one year without this program. Nothing compares to the experience or the financial reward we get.”
—Heather DeJong, President, Fork Shoals Elementary, Pelzer, SC

Get in touch! Learn more about Boosterthon and other Booster services that can help your group.

Learn more about Booster


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