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6 Ways To Observe Earth Day


Encourage your group and school to go green with these ideas.


Promote Awareness

Have kids draw or design posters to promote Earth Day or an environmental message.

Repurpose Creatively

Give new life to old junk by collecting recycled materials for student art projects.

Organize a Cleanup

Recruit teams of students to clean up school grounds or even an area in the community that needs some TLC.

Create a “Green Team”

Having a group or committee dedicated to environmental efforts can help keep the green mindset alive.

Encourage Reuse

Ask families to bring their own food service items to school events. Or create kits with reusable plates, cups, and flatware.

Green Your Events

Reduce waste by using reusable tablecloths, providing recycling bins, and serving water from jugs or pitchers.

Find community service ideas for kids, classrooms, and families

Originally posted in 2016 and updated regularly.

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